I love cupcakes!!! I feel the need to pop this post up, having seen so many gorgeous cupcakes and loving the arty designs and all the color on them. I just heart them hehe :-) Here's a few I have seen online and loved, unfortunately I never made these :-(Also I will put a few links to some fab sites!Enjoy the cupcakes! :-)

Don't they look delicious??
Here's some links :-)


Here's a few holiday snaps for you :-)

I know I haven't uploaded many but hope you like?!
It was a gorgeous sunny week last week! and I think we were lucky to have it off.
Anyway it's only a short & sweet post....
Oh the strawberries are because we went fruit picking hehe yummmy :-) xxxx
Hope you all fab! x



Hey everyone! Hope your all doing really well??? Not sure anyone reads this hehe but I hope so :-)Me and my boyfriend have had the past week off, we've enjoyed the lovely sunshine and been to some nice places, like Bournemouth, Devon, shopping in Swindon & Bullring, Cabots circus and been around the country side :-) Oh and today we did some strawberry picking....yummmy and I was naughty and had a couple on the way round! hehe.....Here's a few items I purchased recently...

Batiste Dry shampoo in Blush £2.09 All the MUA makeup £1.00 Scarlett & Crimson Brushes £5.95 All from Superdrug

Mac's Hello kitty's beauty powder in pretty baby £11.75
Mac's glitter reflects in Reflects blue £9.25
Mac's eye mineralize shadow in Devil-may-care £10.50
All from the cosmetic company store

I hope your all enjoying the weather!!! while it lasts :-)

Take care xxxx Sarah


Ok there lovelies! Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend :-D. Just going to show my recent buy from Avon....
The new fragrance by Fergie of the Black eyed peas and it's called Outspoken.
It costs £14 and you get a body spray and body lotion FREE!!! fab deal I think :-)
It's so nice, and I'm sure you will like it too! it's a nice summery smell and I would defo recommend it.
Have a great evening pumkins!


Ooooh don't we love a good freebie :-D
Well I'm sure by now you've heard or seen the wonderful offer that you get with the latest issue of Glamour, well if you don't I'll fill you in!!!I noticed on Thursday walking into work sitting on the shelf were these magazines, first i noticed the Benefit box, so I had to have a closer look :-)
So I grabbed it then realised there was 3 to collect! we had all 3 so nabbed them for myself :-D hehe! ok I'll let you know what the 3 are.......
BADgal pencil, which is a smouldering black eye pencil.... i love it already!
It stick!, which is a conceal stick....so far I give the thumbs up!
Eye bright, which is an instant eye brightnener....never used anything like this before so getting used to it.

All you have to do is buy the magazine which costs £2!!! a bargain or what!? and all 3 products are FULL SIZED! Woooo! what I will say is they are going like hot cakes.


Just a few piccie's from my Birthday!!!

Hey there bloggers! Just thought I'd add a few piccie's for you to look at!....I had an awesome birthday and did lots....The night before I went to Ask with some close friends for a meal then a drinkie at Haha Bar!, then I booked my birthday off so me & my boyfriend went on the train to Cardiff :-) . Saw my family Thursday evening. then met with a good friend who came down from London on the Sat for lunch & shopping!!! :-) I really was spoilt rotten hehe :-).

Anyway enough of my ramblings!
How are you all??? Please feel free to comment or message, that would be great!

Have a fab Sunday evening xxxxx