Mini £10 Primark haul :)

Tokyo t shirt £3 Sock's £2 Accessories hanger £2 And the bargain shoes was £16, got the for £3!!! and there comfy, so a big thumbs up to that hey! ;) I hope your all well? I'm not to well at the mo, I wish we would have more sunshine and that would cheer me and everyone else up...right? :) Love Sarah xxx


Avon Lagoon

I bought this a couple of weeks ago, as I've been after a color like this for a while now. So when I saw it in my catalog I had to buy it :) Ithink it was £3/4...but I maybe wrong, my memory is useless sometimes ;)
What do you think? Love Sarah xxx


NYX Ice Glitter

This is what I'm currently wearing...
It's so pretty, I wore this on top of a Barbara Daly Nail polish called Very Violet. I picked up the NYX polish from River Island, I was in a que and I couldn't resist it just sitting by the tills :/ lol :-) Hope the picture's aren't to bad as it was hard taking them, as I was trying to pick up the holographic colors in them. Love Sarah xxx