Brits time!

I love the Brit awards and watch it every year and have done for as long as I can remember (many many years lol) I just want to share with you outfits I liked and disliked! :) Sorry this is slightly different post then usual. Paloma Faith always has an eccentric look which I'm a fan of :)I really liked these dresses especially Taylor Swift's, certainly my kind of thing, They all look beautiful! Sorry Ladies but these looks just don't tick any boxes for me! :/ Can't beat a dapper looking 1D! I really like Little Mix's look here, they all look stunning! :) Don't they look fab!? They certainly scrub up well! haha ;) I hope you enjoyed it if you watched it. Love Sarah! Bye for now! xxx


Golden Wonder Bath Bomb...

Hey everyone!!! So for Christmas is was given the golden wonder bath bomb from Lush, and I've only just got round to using it. I thought I'd share with you all, the gorgeousness and pretty colors of it :) (sorry picture overload!)
You can't really see in the pictures, but there are tiny yellow stars floating around to :) I do love a bath! and this was one of my favs! Have you tried this one? or what other bath bombs would you recommend? Sarah xxx


Nail Rock!

Ok so I had this months ago free with my Glossy box (I have now unsubscribed). I haven't gotten around to trying it out until now, so thought I'd show you :) I do have to say I've not used this product before so did take some time cutting and applying! lol. Sadly they didn't last long on my nails, not sure I would keep them on for more than a day/night as they started to irritate me :) But here goes...picture time!
I know it's not a perfect job but I attempted it hehe :) Hope your all fandabbydosey!!! Thanks for looking :) xxx