Extra 20% Off at ASOS!

Hello there everyone...I hope all is good with you all? :)

I'm a tad addicted to ASOS now since my bargain boots I all showed you, I also have some new ones to show you :/ I know, I'm naughty lol but hey there were even more a bargain!!!.
Just wanted to let you all know, some of you may already know but ASOS has had a sale on for a while now and I think there's a few days left, so their giving an EXTRA 20% OFF at checkout!!! the code is EXTRA20.

I've already seen a couple of dresses I like, but I'm I will let you know if I decide to get anything :)

I hope you get a good bargain!





The Saturdays fashion!

Hey there everyone...I hope your all well?!

I do love fashion, but will say I don't buy all the latest items not because I don't like them but purely on money basis and not likely to suit myself...but I do love to try lol :)
I do love The Saturdays fashion sense, they always look fab whatever they wear...so I'm just going to show you a some I like....(picture overload likely :D)

The skinny jeans look with heels...I don't have the skinny legs to pull it off thou! but looks fab!

Love Frankies wedges in this, I don't know how they or anyone can walk in them for along time lol....maybe it's just me!

Una's dress is so pretty, love the heels to. Mollie looks fab in her skinny's and slouchy tee and I'm loving the grey bag....designer do you think???

Vanessa's dress is lovely, pretty colors and gorgeous black wedges.
What do you think?

Frankie suits everything...right!? love the blue and white oh and the bag! lol

I want these shoes!!! :(

Like this look, very casual and the shoes looks comfy for heels...do you like?

Love the pretty dresses both Una and Vanessa are wearing here :)

Love the trousers and the design on them...a very casual look, me likes :)

Ok sorry I know picture overload!!!! lol :/ but I just wanted to do a different post today...and here's what I came up with :)
I really do love their fashion sense, I particularly like Rochelle's style...with her wearing my fav heels at the moment and the flared trousers looks fab on her :)

What do you think??

Anyho...I hope your all good and enjoying your Sundays?





Reclaim and Treasure!

Hey all :) I hope your all doing OK and had a fab weekend?! :D

Todays post is about 2 Nubar polishes I got recently...I couldn't wait to show you them, so without further ado here they are...

Reclaim & Treasure...so pretty, don't you think? :)
Reclaim is a green Holo from the Going Green Collection :)
Treasure is from the Prism Collection :)

And here's Treasure with MUA's Nail quake in Broken Arrow

So what do you think ladies?
I'm not usually a Green fan, but as soon as I saw Reclaim I fell for it! ;) it's so pretty and my fav of the 2...but of course I love them both :) What's you fav?

Thank you for reading...commenting and be so lovely :D

Love Sarah



Mini Shopping trip

Hey there :) I hope everyone is ok?

Just going to do a little post about a few thing I got recently at bargain prices...
Firstly is a nail polish from a boot sale...

I'm not sure what the color is called as it doesn't have a name, but it's a sheer pink with a tint or blue coming though. I had to put on 3 coats to get the look :) but I like it, it's a very pretty color and only cost £2!

Next is a copy of the Links Of London friendship bracelet in Red...

I know it's not the real thing but it will do for now :) bought from a shop selling nic nac and pretty things :) was £6.99!

And lastly and these shoes...

From M&S outlet for £4.99!!! I had £4 left on a giftcard I got given for my Birthday so only ended up paying 99p for them lol! But have yet to walk out in them...I'm not the best in heels but as I'm so short I need a pair sometimes :)

Anyway I hope your all good? and staying safe from the rioters :( it's so bad here in the UK...Certainly makes us look like a horrible country! the whole thing is making me so annoyed and angry but I don't want to go on as it's everywhere and very depressing as I'm sure you've all already seen :(...but please take care everyone xxx




New booties :D

Hello there....hope your all doing fabby??

As you may of seen a couple of posts ago, I showed you all some gorgeous Sam Edelman Renzo ankle boots which I cannot deny my love for them but there a tad to pricey for me :/...sadly.
So after having a nosey on ASOS, I came across a lovely pair by Nine West Parkside Ruffle Top Heeled boots, in the SALE of course :))) makes me happy when it's not full priced lol. I just fell for them, OK not quite the same as the Sam Edelman boots but still I love them lots :D
So here's some pic's for you to see...

They were a bargain! was £145 now £43!!! and free p&p too so even better huh?

What do you think??

Toodle pip for now lovelies :)

Enjoy your Saturday evening...



Illamasqua Sale....

Hello there :)

Just a mini post today....just letting you all know (you may already know though) that Illamasqua have a summer sale on at the moment! If your interested go take a looksy.

I'm not to sure if it's in store aswell but I'm sure it would be :)

Righty ho that's it from me today :)
I do have some shoes I want to show you very soon :D

Hope your all well.