Mini Shopping trip

Hey there :) I hope everyone is ok?

Just going to do a little post about a few thing I got recently at bargain prices...
Firstly is a nail polish from a boot sale...

I'm not sure what the color is called as it doesn't have a name, but it's a sheer pink with a tint or blue coming though. I had to put on 3 coats to get the look :) but I like it, it's a very pretty color and only cost £2!

Next is a copy of the Links Of London friendship bracelet in Red...

I know it's not the real thing but it will do for now :) bought from a shop selling nic nac and pretty things :) was £6.99!

And lastly and these shoes...

From M&S outlet for £4.99!!! I had £4 left on a giftcard I got given for my Birthday so only ended up paying 99p for them lol! But have yet to walk out in them...I'm not the best in heels but as I'm so short I need a pair sometimes :)

Anyway I hope your all good? and staying safe from the rioters :( it's so bad here in the UK...Certainly makes us look like a horrible country! the whole thing is making me so annoyed and angry but I don't want to go on as it's everywhere and very depressing as I'm sure you've all already seen :(...but please take care everyone xxx




  1. Cute haul =] Pretty nail polish and I love that bracelet too!
    OMG. 99p for those shoes??!!! WOW! lol!
    And gosh those rioters are getting so annoying =/ Hope everything calms down soon...


  2. I saw that brand before safron. Nice shoes

  3. Great finds, love the friendship bracelet.

    Sadie x


  4. Aww a massive thank you ladies :)))
    Love your comments...and so glad you like what I got :D