Love these....

Hello everyone!!! :)

Hope your all enjoying the nice weather and getting out to enjoy it!?

Today is a few items I'm loving at the mo, so thought I would share my loves with you and see what you think to :)

Not sure if you've heard of the YouTuber Fleur De Force?? well she did a Birthday/holiday haul (I love these sort of videos :)) and she certainly got some gorgeous gifts. Here's her video if your interested in seeing it...

At the end of the video she showed us some new shoe boots she got by Sam Edelman, and called Renzo Spike and Diamonte Trim Shoe Boots and as soon as I saw them, I instantly fell for them and started looking them up on line. There's 2 colors to chose from...


Which one do you like?
You may have seen them on Selena Gomez

She seems to look good in everything she wears!

I kind of like the black ones...but at £215 I'm not sure I can afford them right now, but I'm hoping I can save hard to get them but we shall see :/

Web Exclusive Multi colour Skull Friendship Bracelet

I adore Links of London, and when I saw this I loved it! it's so pretty and reminds me of a rainbow :) £145...eeek!
Do you have any Links of London jewelry?

And lastly this pretty ring from Thomas Sabo
I just love anything shiny and sparkly :D

Ok so that's my wish list...or should I say dream wish list lol :)

Please let me know what your dream wish list would be at the moment??

Hope your all going ok :)

Toodle pip for now!!!



Holographic black and Lead...

Hey there my lovelies!!! :)
I hope your all doing ok?

I'm so bad as lately all I've been loving is nail polishes and buying new ones :/ But I do hope you all don't mind??

When I saw this I just had to get it! even though it was a tad pricey...but thought I'm not sure where I would be able to get it from here in the UK, so went for it as you will see :)

Ok, so here it is..I'm sorry if it's picture overload, but you get more of an idea of what it looks like...

LEAD...by Topshop & CHUNKY HOLO BLACK...by Kleancolor

And now for what it looks like on the nails, I first put a coat of Topshop's nail
polish in Lead.(shown in the photo above)

An up close piccy :)

Ok I think you may have had enough of the pic's now! hehe
It's so pretty, don't you think?

Let me know what you think ladies & gents...
Thanks for reading as always!!!




Caribbean eyes!

Hello...hello..hello!!! :D

I do hope your all fantastic!?

My little post today is about the latest Sleek Caribbean collection! well one part of the collection which is this...

The mineral based eyeshadow palette :)

I'm sure you may of already seen post etc on this but I just wanted to add it to mine...I do love the Sleek Palettes, I don't own them all but I think I have about 6 of them so far.

I decided to do a swatch of the for you to see...


Pretty aren't they???

I think my favs has to be Green Iguana and Singapore sling :D very pretty indeedy! love the shimmer! to be honest the colors are all gorgeous and I have only used Martini & Green Iguana so far :/ So I will probably change my favs again once I get to use them all..lol :)

Do any of you lovelies have this or any other Sleek palette?





Accessorize :)

Hello there everyone! :)

I'm going to show you my mini haul from the Accessorize sale...I love a sale especially when it's 70% off all jewelery! There's so many sales on at the mo, but sometimes I really hate them! lol I know your thinking why? well I don't like it when it's manic and you can't move, and when it's like a jumble sale :/ grrr, Next is usually the worst for that and when I do go in, I usually end up leaving after a few mins coz I get so frustrated lol, do you feel the same? or is it just me? ;)

Any way on to the few bits I picked up yesterday (when it was so much quieter hehe)

Black and floral headbands was £5 now £1.50! bargain!!! love these, very simply and will go with most things :)

Pretty charms were £5 now £1.50...there so pretty :) not sure what to use them for
yet :/

Bracelet was £7 now £2.10!

Have you been to the sales yet? and what bargains have you picked up??



Harry Potter!!!

So my lovelies is anyone off to see the very last Harry Potter film tomorrow or any time soon? Although it is very sad all the same but I'm looking forward to it, the first part was amazing and my fav HP film so far :). Has anyone read the books?? I'm sure if your a huge fan you will have! I haven't read any so I have no idea what happens but I will find out very soon! And then I will probably get round to reading them...odd I know! :/ but I've just never gotten round to it.

I haven't booked tickets, I've heard it showing tonight at midnight for the first showing...that fab!!! :)

I know this is a different post but I thought the wonderful world of Harry Potter and the last film had to have a post on my blog!! :0)

Let me know your thoughts xxx



Earthquake! :)

Hello my pumpkins (sorry about that just came out)

I hope you are all well???

I just wanted to show you a look I did last week and hadn't gotten round to posting it until I remembered just :D

So here we go...

I use Barry M's Fuchsia and w7 Earthquake silver crackle :)

What do you all think?

Hope you like :D

Please feel free to ask me questions or anything you would like to see maybe?



OPI 'Breath life'

So as you can see by the title this little post is about a new polish I picked up recently :)

I think it's a very pretty color with pearly blue effect. It's a limited edition polish but I'm sure you can get it online somewhere still :)

Here's a picture for you to see...

What do you all think?
Also I hope you all had a wonderful weekend?? :D



I do love this color....

Hey everyone! I hope your all well?
I just wanted to show my nail's from a when I was off on holiday. I went to Selfridges and picked up a nail polish from Illamasqua in the color POKE! which is a bright violet with a blue shimmer finish :D love it & the name ;)
It wasn't something I was going in for but as soon as I saw it, I fell for it! This the only Illamasqua polish I own....do you guys/girls have any?
Here's my swatch...sorry it's not the best quality :/

What do you think?

Hope your all having a fab week so far :0)



Bit late than never...June Fav's :)

Estee Lauder Advanced night repair, I got this last month for my Birthday :) love it so far and it smell good to which makes it better especially as it's to be applied to the face! lol.
Batiste Dry Shampoo, Love this and with it being coloured it's even better. I know it's a little more money but sometimes a treat is always good. Usually I use Baby powder which works a treat but can leave hair white if not rubbed in properly.
Body Shop Sweet Lemon shower gel, this is devine! lol love the smell of lemon just as much as I love drinking it (erm not the shower gel just the drink ;)) It's a lovely refreshing smell and even better in the summertime! :)
Mac WW mineralized blush, adore this and it's defo in my top ten products to have.
Collection 2000, cover up. This ones in fair, works very well on my under eyes and blemishes. Wish I had found this gem yrs ago!
Beauty rush from Victoria Secrets, lip gloss smells and taste of mint so leaves the lips feeling fresh and perfect for everyday wear :)

I hope you enjoyed my fav's :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! :)



And the winner is....

HANNAH!!! http://hazzaapee.blogspot.com/
A big well done to you!!!

I would also like to take this time to say A massive Thank You to all that entered and for all your names that you thought of for lippys and nail polishes! loved reading them :)

I will be doing more in the future to so don't be sad...and more chances for more than one to win! but for now Thanks everyone!!!

Love you all!!!


Giveaway is now finished :)

But a massive THANK YOU to all of you for entering it :0)

I'm in the process of sorting it out now, so I will let you know who the lucky winner is asap!!! :)

I would also like to say the name will be picked randomly, so good luck to you all!!!
Next time I'm thinking of doing a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place so it gives more that one person a little something.

I hope you are all well....what are you all upto this weekend? it's meant to be a nice one, so lets keep our fingers crossed it is! ;)

This made me smile so thought I'd add it...