Love these....

Hello everyone!!! :)

Hope your all enjoying the nice weather and getting out to enjoy it!?

Today is a few items I'm loving at the mo, so thought I would share my loves with you and see what you think to :)

Not sure if you've heard of the YouTuber Fleur De Force?? well she did a Birthday/holiday haul (I love these sort of videos :)) and she certainly got some gorgeous gifts. Here's her video if your interested in seeing it...

At the end of the video she showed us some new shoe boots she got by Sam Edelman, and called Renzo Spike and Diamonte Trim Shoe Boots and as soon as I saw them, I instantly fell for them and started looking them up on line. There's 2 colors to chose from...


Which one do you like?
You may have seen them on Selena Gomez

She seems to look good in everything she wears!

I kind of like the black ones...but at £215 I'm not sure I can afford them right now, but I'm hoping I can save hard to get them but we shall see :/

Web Exclusive Multi colour Skull Friendship Bracelet

I adore Links of London, and when I saw this I loved it! it's so pretty and reminds me of a rainbow :) £145...eeek!
Do you have any Links of London jewelry?

And lastly this pretty ring from Thomas Sabo
I just love anything shiny and sparkly :D

Ok so that's my wish list...or should I say dream wish list lol :)

Please let me know what your dream wish list would be at the moment??

Hope your all going ok :)

Toodle pip for now!!!



  1. I absolutely love them boots, but i could never justify spending that much on shoes, no matter how goregous they are!
    The bracelet is also lovely, love that its multi coloured! :)

  2. I've seen those boots on asos, they're gorgeous! x

  3. Thanks Maria, yeah they are alot :( I doubt I will save that amount, I'm hoping they will go in the sale one day lol...hummm very doubtful.
    Thank you!!! :)

    Hi Tess...Yeah that's right, asos is great :)
    Thanks for you comment.

  4. oh those shoes are amazingxxx

  5. Aaagghhhh those shoes are amazing!!!! Lol they'r just wayy too gorgeous!
    Fleur is so lucky...
    Love those other sparkly beauties too =]


  6. I know aren't they gorgeous ladies!!? :)
    Maybe winning the lotto and then I can/we all can get them lol!
    Thanks Sara, love sparkly things hehe :)


  7. Those boots are amazing, love the black and the brown, kinda expensive though! :p x

  8. Rachel...yeah there a tad to expensive, just hoping one day I will get them :/