I hope you all had a Merry Christmas?

Hey all!

Just going to be a short and sweet post as I haven't posted for ages!!! :/ (sorry)
How was all your Christmases?I loved mine, although was back to work on boxing day :(.
I would love to do a what I got post, but let me know if you'd rather not see it?

Anyway if I don't post before, I wish you all a Very Happy New Year!!! :D
What are you plans?

Have fun!!!





December GlossyBox....Christmas Edition

So sorry about the picture overload, but just wanted to show you everything :)

My thoughts on this box....well I have to admit I love this box, it's certainly right up my street and I will use it all. Cannot wait to try it all either, it much better than ones I've had in the past. But we will see how it goes from now on. What are your thoughts on this box? and what's your fav/s?

Hope your all well.





Nail Of the day...

Is the Limited Edition Barry M foil Lilac nail polish...

This is from Superdrug £3.99 or buy 2 Barry M products and get the polish free :)

What do you think???





Naked 2 Pallete...Yes please!! :)

I've just heard about the new Urban Decay Naked 2 palette....and got a little bit excited so had to tell you all lol! sorry :/. I really love the Naked palette and having seen some pictures online, I think I will be wanting this when it's out. I think it's now available to buy in the states but not here just yet...sadly :( would of popped it on the Crimbo list otherwise.
Here's a couple of pictures I found...

from xSparkage.com

From makeupandbeautyblog.com

I'm forever using my Naked palette most days, so cannot wait until it's out (not sure when yet) :)

What are your thoughts?

Also check this saucy pic out from Mac's Viva Glam collection ...

From Temptalia.
Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj in the M·A·C Viva Glam 2012 campaign visual shot by David LaChapelle. Every cent of Ricky and Nicki’s Viva Glam products, on-counter February 2012, goes to support the M·A·C AIDS Fund.
Caught my eye, so thought I'd show you :)

Anyway, I hope your all doing great??





November Glossybox!

It's that time of the month again!!

In this months there is...
Nail Rock, designer nail wraps.
Illamasqua, Freak eau de parfum.
Arbonne, Ultra Hydrating hand creme.
Dead sea magik, Delicate boosting mask.
Philip Kingsley, Elasticizer.

My first opinion when opening the box was a little disappointed. The only thing I've wanted to try and am excited to use is the Nail Rock wraps. The sample perfume, is ok but not amazing. The hand creme I will use as I have dry hands in this weather.
I will give the mask and hair treatment, but so far I think it's an ok box....not as good as the last but I guess we all like different things. Maybe next part will be a bit better :)




Mini Primark trip!

Hey all!
How ya all doing?

I'm just here with a mini 'hauletto' for you to see....

I've wanted a nice, warm cosy winter jumper for a little while now and this one caught my eye, gorgeous red color only £10 a bargain!, next I needed some tights for my crimbo party :) £3!
Then lastly is some PJ's...love PJ's! on sale at £3....not to bad hey?

I also went to see Lee Evans on Saturday, just have to share with you how amazing and funny he was...he's one my favs thats for sure...

They were so strict on no photo's/videos being taken, so only have this to show you.

Oh I want to show you a yummy treat I had before we saw him...

It was scrummy :p and I can't resist a bit of sparkle hehe ;)

Hope you all had a fab weekend???

I hope to do my Glossy Box next, sorry thought it was being sent last week :/ but it's out this week :)





Pinky and perky!

Hello there...I'm so sorry with the lack of posts :/ Just things are very busy at the moment. But won't bore you with that!.
I hope your all ok?

Just going to show you my fav nail polish at the mo....

Love & beauty from Forever 21, $2.80.
Pink/gold this is called.
So pretty I think, with the gold shimmers shinning when light hits them :)

I tried the Andrea Fulerton shimmer, from the Petrol and water polish and here's what it looked like...

What do you think???


P.s Sorry it's a short and sweet post....next post will hopefully be my glossy box! :)


My October Favs :)

....And here they are...

Pentene Pro V Aqua light, Shampoo....Love this and smells amazing.
Love and Beauty, Nail glitter in the color sliver but it's more like a rainbow glitter to me :) from Forever 21.
Viva La Juicy, love this! my fav at the mo :)
L'oreal Universal lip glow, gorgeous!
Clean and Clear, Morning energy facial scrub.

And that my favs my lovelies...what are yours??




Happy Halloween!!!

Hey everyone!

Just a small post to say...

And here's a look I did...Broken Doll...

I took this look from http://beauteauparadis.blogspot.com/
I love it, simple to.

I hope you all have a wonderful time!




Primark & Superdrug goodies...

Hello ha!!!

I hope you all had a fab weekend? it's certainly getting colder now :-/
I just want to show some bits I got over the last few days, I hope you like...

Firstly is Superdrug...

MUA's eye liners, all only £1!!! what a bargain and there amazing!
Here's some swatches...

and here's what there called
Snow White
Malt Chocolate
Gold nugget
Starry night
Royal blue
Lovely lilac
These all get a big thumbs up from me!

L'oreal's, Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow...£6.49 on offer at the moment.
This is so pretty, have worn it since buying it! :D

Now onto Primark...

Furry fingerless mitts, £3
Sparkly bracelet, perfect for an xmas party :), £2.50

Both Lounge tops, both in the sale from £3 to £1!!!

And last but certainly not least, this snuggly thing...

I've wanted one for ages, I'm so short that's why I went for the footless all in one :) and it's so warm, love it! Reminds me of Christmas :D a bargain at £10....so who else has one???

So that's all for now ladies, next will be a post on the next Glossy Box :D as it's due out this week...yay! who else is looking forward to theirs?

Thanks for reading :D





I Love a girly read...

Hey all!

Just wanted to share with you a book I've started to read at the mo, it's called The Singles Girl's To-Do List by Lindsey Kelk....

And although I'm only on chapter 6, I love it :)

I bought it as I love Lindsey's I heart books :D
Which are I heart New York, I heart Hollywood, I heart Paris and next will be I heart Las Vegas :D which is fab as I've just been there lol. That's not out until 8th December but it's already on my Christmas list :)

I cannot wait for this....perfect girly reads :D

Have you ladies read any of them? and what do you think?

Sorry it's a bit short and sweet today....I hope your all well?





I'm back!!! :)

Hey everyone...How you all doing?

As you may of seen in my last post I mentioned being away on holiday, well now I'm back and back with a holiday haul for you! all bargains of course! :)

Forever 21


Sketcher Bobs


Victoria secret's



Juicy Couture

Cute things!



Island Girl nails

So that's the lot!
What do you think?

Wish I could of got more now, but hope you like to :)
I will do swatches of the polishes for you soon.

Hope your all ok...

Thank you for your continued support!!!





My first GlossyBox :D and goodbye for now....

Hello lovelies :D
How you all doing?

This post is about my 1st ever GlossyBox(as you can see in title :))
I've seen the past boxes and thought there was good enough items inside for me to be finally to give to temptation and subscribe lol! Oh I wish I could of especially picked up the boxes with Nars items and OPI nail polish :( but ah well hopefully they will have plenty more of that to come :D.
I'm sure your all well aware of of it all now, but I will just add a few pointers for amyone who doesn't know much about it here...it's a monthly subscription where you can cancel at anytime (obviously not a few days before the new ones due out, as that's a tad to soon) it's £10 a month with £2.95 PP via Royal Mail. You get 5 items inside and gorgeous box (my opinion) all wrap up, nice and neatly with and rippon around it. Inside is also and card with information about the products you have inside, you won't find out what the 5 items are until the box gets to your door....unless you want to spoil the fun and find out the week there out as some people receive theirs maybe a day before you and pop posts,videos up :)

http://www.glossybox.co.uk/?gclid=CP6jloKZoqsCFYUOfAodNCMhoQ have a read for more info...this is the UK version of the US Birchbox, so you can only get it here in the UK :D

And here's what I got (I think some are slightly different from what I've seen online)

I was like a little excited child when I saw this! hehe :)

The gorgeous box it comes in.

I very happy with my box!
My fav item is the Neal Wolf Harmony, Intensive Care Treatment for all types of hair. Just had a look online and this is the full size tube retailing at £12.95...The price of the box alone, so a big thumbs up from me! :D

Have anyone else had theirs?

I'm afraid I won't be here for the next 3 weeks...I'm away on holiday but I will be back with more posts next month. Thank you for you all for following me, love you all :D so for now hope you all stay well and stay happy!