Primark & Superdrug goodies...

Hello ha!!!

I hope you all had a fab weekend? it's certainly getting colder now :-/
I just want to show some bits I got over the last few days, I hope you like...

Firstly is Superdrug...

MUA's eye liners, all only £1!!! what a bargain and there amazing!
Here's some swatches...

and here's what there called
Snow White
Malt Chocolate
Gold nugget
Starry night
Royal blue
Lovely lilac
These all get a big thumbs up from me!

L'oreal's, Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow...£6.49 on offer at the moment.
This is so pretty, have worn it since buying it! :D

Now onto Primark...

Furry fingerless mitts, £3
Sparkly bracelet, perfect for an xmas party :), £2.50

Both Lounge tops, both in the sale from £3 to £1!!!

And last but certainly not least, this snuggly thing...

I've wanted one for ages, I'm so short that's why I went for the footless all in one :) and it's so warm, love it! Reminds me of Christmas :D a bargain at £10....so who else has one???

So that's all for now ladies, next will be a post on the next Glossy Box :D as it's due out this week...yay! who else is looking forward to theirs?

Thanks for reading :D





  1. Oh wow I'v been wanted to see what other people think of those MUA eyeliners, the colours are all so tempting I was going to pick some up myslef but didnt because I had no idea if they would be good or not.
    Thanks to you though I will def get some!
    Everything else looks awesome!


  2. Aww Thanks Sara :D
    Yes I would defo recommend them, there very pigmented to so even better! and only £1! woweeee lol :D I think there are more to get so going to keep my else peeled, I hope you get what you want hun :)

  3. Love the onesy! Such a nice festive print! I'm intrigued by the Lip Glow too! xx

  4. I adore MUA, such great value and quality. The mitts are so cute!

    Lucy x

  5. Paperbacks and Postcards....Aw yeah there so cute :) so glad I finally own one lol. If you get one now they should be still on offer :D
    Thank you!

    LucyyLou...MUA products are so good, I have some other bits to and so happy them all and at such a brilliant price :D
    Thanks so much!