Happy New year everyone!!!

Just wanted to say a huge Thank you for all my wonderful followers for checking out my blog and your comments, it means a lot :-). I wish you a fab time tonight whatever your up to....Happy new year!!! 2011 :-)


MAC Peacocky Collection for Spring 2011

I haven't bought anything from Mac for a few months of so now and although I would have all of it if I could, there hasn't been a collection that has grabbed my eyes like others. Although I did want the Nicki minaj Lipstick but missed out on that sadly :-( .
U.S Launch date January 2011, Internationally February 2011
Check this site out for the products http://www.temptalia.com/mac-peacocky-collection-for-holiday-2010winter-2011

Snow day!!!

Just a little post about this weather! So who's loving it? and who's not?
I've been unable to get to work due to no buses and I usually get on 3, and were not using the car as it's just way to dangerous :-(. I think the best thing about snow is that it looks pretty, and looks like a winter wonderland outside!. Hope your all safe and enjoying the snow if you can xxx


Christmas parties!!!

So this is the time of year when we're all having our Christmas parties!!! I had mine last Thursday, and had lots of fun! the theme was Oscars/red carpet night. I was stupid I forgot my camera but did take a quick of my make up look so will show you in a mo. Any way, I just wanted to know if you've had or having any xmas party's this year, id so I'd be happy to hear if you have a theme or anything really??? :-)

Have a great day!!! xxx


Christmas Market time!

On Sunday I went to Bath to visit their Christmas markets and have a little nosey around...
I really like Bath, and all the little, cute shops they have. It was so cold though, so had to enjoy some hot food from one of the stores and treated myself to a yummy hot choccie with cream and marshmellows :-) scrummie hehe

Here's some pic's...

Have you been to any markets? let me know what your favs are? xxx


MAC time!!!

Just having a look online at new collections from Mac, and also as I haven't bought anything from Mac for a while I was just curious to see what was up and coming!!! Firstly is a collaboration with Nicki Minaj called Pink for Friday which she personally designed herself, this will be limited edition. It's also the title of her debut album. Pink Friday is a bright creamy pink lipstick(satin). Available for 4 Fridays only Nov 26th,Dec3rd,10th,17th, whist stocks last. I think it looks gorgeous so will be purchasing if it's not sold out!!! :-)

What do you all think???


Christmas is coming!!!

For me when I start seeing the Coca Cola Christmas advert it always makes me think Christmas is just around that little corner... I do love the advert, just reminds me of when I was a little girl and being all excited for Santa to come...I kinda wish I was still that age, no school for 2 weeks was always a bonus but sadly work work work for me now I'm big & old! :-(....still love Christmas of course....do you all? what do you love about it???

Hope y'all good? :-) xxx


New sleek pallets and more!!!

I've wanted the new Sleek pallets since they came out and got my hands on them over the weekend. £5.99 each as they are limited edition, they won't be on the shelves for long! I think their gorgeous :-)

Have you got them? and what do you think?

I also bought some other bits which I will show you...

The PJ's are a birthday prezzie for a friend...£7 from Primark

The headband is from Republic was £7.99 but they had 25% off over the weekend so bought for £5.99

The red lipstick is from Superdrug, MUA £1

The hair clips are from new look buy one get one free, both were £2.99... here's a pic...
Next is a teddy bear necklace £1.50 from Primark
I love this!!! so cute :-) Primark's so good for necklaces at a great price!.

LUSH!!! I bought a gift from there for a friends xmas prezzie also my lovely BF bought me the bubble bar, which I absolutely adore...it's so yummy I could eat it hehe. Bar was £2.35 and gift box was £5.95

Now onto TOY STORY!!! for a ages now I've been meaning to buy 1 & 2...I had a CEX voucher ages ago and used it for them both on Blu ray, £8 each which I thought wasn't so bad. Just glad to get rid of the vouchers aswell! . I love Toy story and cannot wait for the 3rd to come out soon :-)Sorry that was a fair bit, bit love sharing with you all...hope that's ok?.
Let me know what you think...or comment, ask me whatever you like.

Thanks again for following, it's means a lot!!!


Hey everyone!! just a quick post about the new Glamour magazine, you may have already notice though :-). With each magazine you get a free Nail's inc polish, there are 4 to collect that's if you wish to collect them. The magazine cost's £2.00 and the polish is worth £11.00....a bargain huh?! I grabbed 2, I don't have them here with me so I don't have the names, but I'll show you a piccie :-)Grab yours whilst there still on the shelves!!!


Barry M nail effect nails

Hey all!!! So as you can see by the title, what this lil post is all about hehe.... I decided to paint my nails white using Sally Hansen's Hard as nails extreme wear polish in White On, then the Barry M's nail effect and here's what it looks like...

Sorry my hands are awful :-/....what do you all think of it? personally I like it, and that fact it's so quick and easy to apply....must say it's not a favorite of mine but love the fact it's 'different' :-)


Simple Skin care OFFER!!!

Hi there all! Just a quick post to tell you all about the offer on the Simple kind to skin, I've just come back from Tesco and whilst I was there, they had an offer on for buy 1 get 2 free!!! I had to look twice....but I checked at the tills and yep it was correct! at my Tesco they had the Facial wipes, Hydrating Light moisturiser, Cleansing lotion & Foaming facial wash! £2.97 for any 3!!! I think it's such a fab offer! so may go in for more, I'm sure it finishes on the 2/11/10. If you like these products, go grab your's :-).

Bye for now bloggers!


A mini 'haul' :-)

Hey all, hope your all well?! This weekend I went to Cabot Circus, I really like it there....bought a few bits, even though I said I wouldn't :-( but hey I'm a girl, I can't help it! any how it's nothing major. Starting off with the lovely LUSH! I really like Lush but have never really bought loads from there, so popped in for some xmas ideas for myself as people keep asking. Not sure if you've all been to Lush recently but I adore all the christmas gift boxes/sets, the young girls in there are so nice and friendly....showing me all the new xmas gifts. I love the bath melts & bubble bars....so I picked up Bearded Lady £2.50, and my other half bought me Gingerbread House £2.45, I haven't used either yet but they smell divine :-). Here's a pic of 2! ....

Ok so, since the Barry M's nail effect came out i've been trying to hunt it down in many shops but had no luck, then finally yesterday I found it!!! woo I could only see 1 at first then noticed 2 more hidden so grabbed them to, ok I know 3! why do I need 3? well I'm thinking gifts and maybe a contest on here? possibly. All the paints were on 2 for £5, even though the nail effect was more expensive at £3.95. I also got Indigo all from Boots, here's a look....

And just a few other random bits, first is for my secret santa. A small bottle of Bold and Gold from Next, it reminds me of a well know perfume but I can't put my finger on it....if any of you know please let me know lol, coz it's buggin me :-). From Head, Kelly Clarkson's album, My December which was £1.00....bargain!!! and a Children in need Pudsey wristband £1.00...so cute :-).

What have you all been upto this weekend?


As promise a mini Haul! well I picked up a couple of other things to as you will see...... I popped into both Boots and Superdrug to buy the new Barry M nail effect polish , but both places sold out! :-(. While I was in Superdrug they had an offer on the Barry M nail paints 2 for £5 which they do alot. So I went for 136 Tangerine and 313 Dusky Mauve and here's a piccy! ....
Then from Boots I picked up Britney Spears Circus Fantasy, £10 for 30ml as it's on offer atm...
Smells so good to! which brings me onto something else I adore right now, having only smelt it Saturday. It's the Cacharel, Eden....Love it so went back to get it yesterday from Debenhams. It's on sale, so I'm guessing there getting rid of it :-( I bought the 50ml which was £20, they also had the 30ml which was £14.
It's lushious! Do any of you like this to?
Next is a mini clothes haul thingy hehe..... I popped into Primark just to get some socks as I was in much need of them, and as you do you have a nose around or mooch as I call it. I picked up a jumper with swallows on it, it's navy blue with 2 white swallows, which was £11! bargain hey? I shouldn't be spending really :-( . Here's a pic for you....
What do you think? Then onto the River Island sale, I purchased 3 things...
The first one was £16.99 on sale for £7! wanted it ages ago so when I saw it, I had to grab it! Next the shirt I kept looking at when it came out but when I got round to buying it, they were either gone or sold out online and in stores near me! typical lol. But when I saw this, I was a happy bunny! even though it is a size to big it's not such a bad thing. I love the colors, it was £24.99 on sale for £15. Lastly, just a white tee on sale for £6. Perfect for wearing underneath jumpers, hoodies and shirts :-). So thats the lot! I doubt I'll be buying anything for myself for a while. Christmas shopping to be done next, scary but true hey...? has anyone started their xmas shopping yet?


Hey Just a small post to say Hi!....I hope your all well? and enjoying the sunshine this lovely Sunday!? I do have a some bits of shopping to show you soon, as I went shopping yesterday and picked up a couple of things so I will take some piccies and show you hopefully tomorrow :-).
I'm off to Nandos in a bit for an early tea....love Nando's!
Anyway my lovely followers, I hope your doing ok....feel free to message, comment. Oh and also Thank you to my new followers :-) It's so nice to know your all liking my Blog....even though I'm slow at doing so.
Have a fab afternoon/evening all!


Hello there! Hope your all doing fab?!....So I know I've been totally slow at doing this, but I'm here now just to do a small haul and tell you some of the bits I bought from my holiday!

Firstly I love going into Victoria Secret when I'm in America, I love all the smellies and offers they have so I always indulge and grab a load! 5 for $30 which is worth it! this is a peek at the things you can get http://www.victoriassecret.com/beauty/secret-garden-body-care . Also this time I picked up some make up as it was all 5 for $20!!! I wish we had it here sometimes and this is the website showing you what you can get http://www.victoriassecret.com/beauty/beauty-rush-makeup.

Now onto Mac, just a few bits from the Cosmetic company store

They are Pearl shell, Beauty powder $17.50 Liberty of London
Eyeshadow, Dame's Desire $10.25 Liberty of London
Eyeshadow, Birds & Berries $10.25 Liberty of London
Eyeshadow, Bright future $10.25 Style Worrior

Not 100% how much they were in £ but the $ was around £1.50

Then on to 2 lovely things I just loved and really wanted, even though naughty!

This was from the Juicy Couture outlet....was a last min thing!

Next up....

Also from an outlet, I've always wanted a Coach bag and this is what I went for.....

and a purse!....

I also bought some UGGs but I'm sure you all know what they look like, I went for the chestnut one's....prefect for winter! they were also from the outlet shop :-D

Hope thats ok for you all!?
Please feel free to comment as I love reading them and responding.
Hope you all have a wonderful week.....Take care xxxx


Hey all! Just wanted to say Hi and a big Thank you to my new followers...it means alot! :-)

I came back yesterday from my holidays in the very hot and fab Orlando Florida! me and my BF had a top time there, even though it was my 3rd time....I just love it sooo much!. I will put some piccies up, and show some things I bought :-). I'm not to well atm booo! so just having a major relax before work again tomorrow, time really does fly when your having fun, right?
Has anyone been to Orlando? would love to know what you think or about anything.....
Sorry this is short & sweet, more next time :-)
Thanks for reading and have a lovely, relaxing sunday bloggers! xxx


I've been shopping....
As I'm away soon, I need to get a few bits & bobs....still need to buy more but at the mo here's what I purchased this weekend! also some of it is items I didn't really need but really wanted hehe.....very bad! I know ;-)

So first of all, I popped into Superdrug.....
I needed some Batiste dry shampoo, so when I saw that it was only 99p I had to grab a few :-). This is perfect for in between washing! it's usually £2.09, so for anyone interested it's on until Tuesday 14th.
Also I picked up the Me Me Me! Blush me! in coral, it was £6.49 as there on offer the the moment and they come in 3 other colors....Rouge, Bronze & pink.
To be honest I heard that coral was a rep for Benefits Coralista so anything thats a but cheaper is always a bonus right?!
Then off to Boots I go! and went out with something completely different then I went in for....I noticed Models own were doing an offer. Buy any 2 products & get a lipgloss free. So I bought 2 nail varnishes, Champagne & magenta pearl...Love them both! and I chose Ice blue for the free gloss :-)

And then onto Republic for some vest tops....so this may be boring...sorry :-/
2 Soul cal tops for £10 I got the black & grey.....
And last but not least at Debenhams there was 10% off beauty & fragrance upto yesterday. So I had wanted to try Mac's prep & prime transparent finishing powder, it was £ 17 originally & I paid £15. 30....I love Mac!
Does anyone own the Mac powder? what do think of it....please comment about anything :-)

Thanks for reading! xxxx