Christmas is coming!!!

For me when I start seeing the Coca Cola Christmas advert it always makes me think Christmas is just around that little corner... I do love the advert, just reminds me of when I was a little girl and being all excited for Santa to come...I kinda wish I was still that age, no school for 2 weeks was always a bonus but sadly work work work for me now I'm big & old! :-(....still love Christmas of course....do you all? what do you love about it???

Hope y'all good? :-) xxx


  1. oh the cocacola xmas truck was in our town today, i missed it though, damn work!! this is my fav xmas commercial x x

  2. Christmas isnt the same anymore now im older :( id love to be about 7 years younger haha.
    love that advert :)


  3. @ DebDobDoorNob...aw how fab! I didn't know that, wish it come to my town :-). Yeah it's my fav xmas advert, love it!! x

    @Emma I know what you mean, it's never the same :-( sadly but I'm sure you will have a nice one with friends and family :-) x