I just wanted to share with you how much I'm looking forward to the new Iron Man 2 film!!! :-) Which is due for release in the UK on May 7th , which is also my Boyfriends birthday and we will be in London then so hopefully we will go and see it :-). I really enjoyed the 1st! so I'm happy they made a 2nd, just hope it's going to be as good...fingers crossed! :-)


Hey my fellow bloggers, just a little blog here with my small collection of Mac lipsticks :-)
From left to right I'll let you know what there called :-)(you may already know them thou)

  • From the Neo Sci-Fi collection. This is called Sunsonic which is white gold and a frost :-)
  • Viva glam Cyndi, which is a lustre. A muted coral-red with a gossy finish :-)
  • Viva glam Gaga also a luster. A cool toned, bubblegum pink with a gloss finish :-)
  • From Rose Romance collection.Called A Rose Romance A mid-toned pink with gold pearl :-)
  • From the Style Worrier collection. Brave New Bronze, creamy mid-toned pink nude :-)
  • From Give Me Liberty of London collection. Called Blooming Lovely(Amplified) creamy greyed lilac mauve :-)
They all cost around £12-£12.50
I love these all but I think my favorite at the moment is the Give me Liberty's, Blooming Lovely :-) The color is gorgeous and I like the consistency :-)



So Sex and the city 2 is out next month (27th May) Day after my birthday too...yay!
I haven't watch all of the STC series, so one day i'm going to buy them and sit and watch them all! as I am a fan, I really enjoyed the 1st film :-) and I'm looking forward to seeing what this one will bring! I haven't read any spoilers, so I shall wait and see!
What do you all think of STC?
I hope you all are doing great and having a lovely weekend!!! :-)


Hellooooo! I hope everyone is ok and had lovely weekend! the sun was out yay! and still is, which is fab :-) . Just wanted to show you what I brought from The only thing I brought from Mac's Give me Liberty of London collection, although I would buy it all if I could I just decided on the Lipstick, Blooming lovely which i like alot, I think it's very wearable. I was lucky to get the last one in the shop, now they've sold out online. The make up bags are nice too, but I have lots so thought best not to. What did you buy??


A few things i heart! ........

Just a few items that I like :-)

I love this bedroom! It's so pretty yet so simple.....I want it! hehe :-) With a lush closet...yes please!
There's picture of Christian Louboutin's shoes.....One day I would like to treat myself to a pair, I think there fab! But too expensive for me :-( booo!.....I heart pretty shoes x
I also adore vintage looks and pieces, but I unfortunately don't own anything vintage atm :-(
Ahhh American diners!! I just love them, I went to Johnny Rockets in San Francisco last Sept and absolutely loved it. They had mini juke boxes on each table, and their hamburgers and milk shakes were the best! I may sound sad but it's all true :-D .
Whats your favourite things?? xxxx

Oh and what girl doesn't love diamonds???

I hope everyone had a lovely easter?! :-)
Wooo hooo the sun is shinning, what a gorgeous day it's been hey?! I've been at work but it's still good to see, that's for sure and they say it'll be nice this weekend too :-D Yay!!! happy days.
It certainly makes you wanna go out and enjoy it, and have bbq, wear summery clothes.....aww I'm so looking forward to all of that. Hope you all have a fab weekend! xxx


Happy easter!

Now who loves easter??
It's a good excuse to have a yummy egg, i love them even though i'm 25!.
I've been busy at work today, and i'll be in on monday too!. Am looking forward to a nice weekend after a busy week :-). I've had and egg already, I know thats bad but I never had it all at once, promise hehe. Don't you love those Lindt bunnies to, I have one off my boyfriends parents so I may enjoy some this weekend LOL :-D all bad I know, but hey we're allowed to now and then! even thought I am trying to be good and healthy :-/
But I wish everyone a wonderful Easter!!! xxx


Going green!!!

How you all doing today??
I decided to try Green tea today, having never liked tea nor coffee....crazy as it may sound!
I'm trying the Twinings Green tea with pineapple and grapefruit, i think it was about £1.29
Thought i would try and be a little healthier by drinking one cup a day, so we shall see?! hehe

If you have tried any others please let me know?.......
I have just found this fabulous site :-)
http://www.twinings.co.uk/free-tea/ I've gone for the Fresh & fruity, strawberry and mango and Green tea with pear and apple....yuuummm they sound good, so fingers crossed they will be!
I will say i'm the so great at sticking to things but i will try too :-DAlign Centre