A few things i heart! ........

Just a few items that I like :-)

I love this bedroom! It's so pretty yet so simple.....I want it! hehe :-) With a lush closet...yes please!
There's picture of Christian Louboutin's shoes.....One day I would like to treat myself to a pair, I think there fab! But too expensive for me :-( booo!.....I heart pretty shoes x
I also adore vintage looks and pieces, but I unfortunately don't own anything vintage atm :-(
Ahhh American diners!! I just love them, I went to Johnny Rockets in San Francisco last Sept and absolutely loved it. They had mini juke boxes on each table, and their hamburgers and milk shakes were the best! I may sound sad but it's all true :-D .
Whats your favourite things?? xxxx

Oh and what girl doesn't love diamonds???

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