Congratulations Kate and Will!

To Katherine Middleton and Prince William!
I was unable to watch it today, but have now seen a few pictures :)
Kate really did look stunning! and I wish them all the best :D

Did you watch it?? and let me know your thoughts :)



I've been shopping!

After work yesterday I popped into town and picked up a few little bits an I just wanted to show you.
After hearing about the Impulse & Barry M combo I had to take a look at what they had and I had to have a nosey at the Barry M nail paints, so here's what I got...

Impulse, Tease & Limited Edition lip gloss (nude with shimmer)
Impulse, Very pink & Limited Edition lip gloss (Pink with shimmer)
£3 each worth over £6
From Boots.

317 Blue Moon & 134 Yellow
2 for £4.99 from Superdrug

Here's a picture of Blue Moon a little closer, hopefully you can see the shimmers...

I bought 2 of the Impulse & Barry M combo's in Very Pink, as I will be giving it away in part of my Giveaway!

Oh and some naughty but nice chocolate :D

Thanks for reading...also does anyone know if there are different Impulse & Barry M combo's out??


Liebster Blog Award!!

A massive THANK YOU TO Sara at http://sara-loves-pretty-little-things.blogspot.com/ (sorry my link thing won't work :(). for giving me this award...I really does make me smile when what you doing gets noticed and it's all worth it :D I'm very happy bunny right now...So Thank you Sara :D

The Liebster Award is designed to bring well deserved additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 300 followers. If you receive the award you link back to the blogger that nominated you and nominate 3 more blogs. So my choices are:

Her blog is about nail's/nail paints/mani's (which I love), nail art :) She really is a talented lady! Sara's nails always look amazing and to top that off she really is a lovely person and 9 times out of 10 I will get comments from her :D Also she was one of the first people to comment :) . She has a giveaway right now, ending May 1st...so check her out!!!

Her blog is full of lots of things from fashion looks to Videos of her singing & cooking! Again Izzy was one of the first people to follow & comment on my blog :D
I think her blog is fab, she updates it a lot and really puts a lot of effort into it, which is fab!. Please go and see what you think....

I haven't followed her for a long time, but ever now and then I get lovely comments from her and it's so nice!. Her blogs about life, reviews, cute things and many more! I love that :D She's a really nice person to, and I am looking forward to seeing more! :D

Sorry about the none link thingy....but please copy and paste :D
Also I want to thank all of my followers for following and your lovely comments :) If I could have more than 3 then I would chose you all!




Just a quick Hello....I just wanted to say a BIG Thank you again to all my followers....seeing new ones follow certainly puts a huge smile on my face, so Thank you so much :D
And to all that comment, I always try and make sure I comment back as soon as I can as I know it's something I like when I comment on your lovely blogs :)
I will be doing a giveaway as promise soon, so watch this space!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter??? how many eggs did you get? I got 2, but I was so happy just to get 1 :p



Happy Easter everyone!

Hey everyone :D

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy easter and I hope you get all the choccie eggs you want :D
Are you upto much? or just a time to relax? I will be working tomorrow and Monday and I'm not upto anything different...I know I'm boring :/. But I hope you all have a wonderful time whatever you do :D


Birthday wishlist

Ok I know it's not my B'day for a month but I really really want 2 perfumes at the moment. I have no Coco Chanel left so really need to get another but both perfume's I would like are pricey so we shall see. But for now here are the 2...

This is my fav out of the Juicy couture perfumes:)
What perfumes are on your wishlist?

I hope your all enjoying the weather



New Barry M nail effects :)

So here they are the new Barry M nail effects....

White Frost
Blue print
Pink fizz

All £3.99 each. I bought these from Superdrug, but check Boots aswell as they sell
Barry M.

Peach Melba, New color. I bought this at the same time so thought you might like to see it :)

and here's me trying out Barry M's Bright purple and Blue print Nail effect...

I hope you like... I will post other looks using the Nail effects everytime I change my nails :D




Quite Cute swatches & review

For the lovely Izzy http://belleoftheblush.blogspot.com/ who asked for me to do this and to anyone else who would like to read this post :D
Left is Candy Yum Yum which is a matte lipstick. Neon pick color, it may not come across that in the picture, sorry. Very pigmented and the only bright colored lipstick I own, not sure I would be able to wear it on an everyday basis but still would be perfect on a night out with a funky make up look!. Like I said it's a matte and you would probably think it is drying on the lip but thankfully it isn't! If you like the look and sound I would defo recommend :)
Right is Play time which has a cremesheen finish, it's an intense lilac/violet and I already love it! looks glossy and very easy to apply and I think a couple of layers to have it look like the color in the swatch. I would wear this everyday and it's my fav out of the 2.

This for the lovely Sara http://sara-loves-pretty-little-things.blogspot.com/ asked for me to take a picture of the mascara wand

This is what it looks like on...sorry pic isn't the best :)


Cakes I baked :)

I don't always make cakes but lately I've had the sudden urge to bake some and here's what I came up with...

Chocolate sponge, with choc flakes, stars and some edible sparkly flowers :)

Milk & dark choc chip muffins :)

There was no special reason for making them but I certainly will enjoy one or 2 of them lol :)

I hope your all having a lovely sunday.....do you like cake if so whats you fav that you can't resist?



Quite Cute mini Haul :)

I mentioned a few posts ago about the latest Mac Quite cute collection and I just wanted to show the 2 products I bought, I would of bought more if I had the money but still I'm happy with what I got.
As I don't live 5 mins away from a Mac counter I usually buy online if I can, but when I went to have a look a what they had they had suspended temporarily online purchasing but could still browse the site and so I when I got an email to say they were back up and running I ordered away, I had free delivery which is always good and a free gift! :)
So here's what I got...

Play Time and Candy yum-yum lipsticks
Mac's Haute and naughty mascara which was free!! love anything that's free lol :)

Candy Yum Yum is very bright, hot pink. Not something I would wear every day but I love it! as it's a matte it makes it long lasting on the lips.
Play time is a sheer color but wearable and I would wear everyday...I like this lots! Having not long received them both I haven't worn them lots but so far so good from what I have! :)

Thanks for reading lovelies :D



Holiday time!

Hello to you all..I hope your all well?
Just a little post today, a different one from my beauty related ones.
The one thing I love a lot is being able to go on holiday, and I've been lucky to visit a few place mainly in USA coz I love it there!!! lol. I'm saving hard now for my holiday to LA & Vegas ....usually when I go away with my bf were always on the move rather than sitting by a pool/beach everyday we like to be busy most of the days, so sometimes I come back needing a rest haha ;)...but I love it! it's just great to explore and make the most of our time whist we can hey, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with doing nothing but chill on holiday because for most of us it's the only time we get to relax :)....we're all different and like do do different things which is wonderful, so I'm just curious on what you like to do on holiday, where your fav place is so far and why, and where would you most like to visit?
Here's some of my pic's of my fav destinations so far....

Toronto, Canada 2008

New York 2009

San Francisco 2009

1st time to Orlando 2007 Halloween time

2nd time to Orlando...Christmas 2008

3rd time to Orlando 2010

Just a few pic's :)

Thanks for reading!!!



New Barry M nail effects

I'm not sure if you've heard about the new nail effects....
There's Pink fizz, blue print and White frost and of course you all know about the black magic but I've left it in the picture. I can't wait to get my hands on them especially White frost :), I know I made a post about the new ones coming out from Models own but these are a little cheaper at £3.99 and if you can get them when there 2 for £5 then even better hey?!. You can buy them here http://www.barrym.com/products/product.asp?id=155 and I believe you get buy them in stores now...so I will check my local Boots/Superdrug this weekend if they have any left as I would rather not pay the del charge with buying online! :/.
Whats you thought on them? do you have them already?

I hope your all well?



Love this weather don't you???

Ahhh how nice has it been today? Even though I've been stuck in door working I was able to see some of it when I finished :) seeing people in their summer clothes is so good to see! I hear tomorrows going to be a nice day also so I'm hopefully going to make sure I get out and enjoy it. Have you been out enjoying the weather so far? I hope so! as you never know in this county (UK) how long it will last :/.
Here's some pretty pictures I wanted to share with you as they remind me of summer! and make me smile :D

I hope these piccies made you feel summery! lol :)
So what do you like about summer? and what's you favorite things to do?

I hope your all well...



100 Followers!!! yay :)

Just a small post to say a massive....

You really are all so special and I appreciate you all for following my little world of blogging:)
I will be doing a giveaway I promise! I'm going to think about what I'm gunna buy for you and let you know more asap :)

<3 Thank you!!!


Oh my GOSH!

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your all well and enjoying your Sunday? Oh and Happy Mothers day to all the mummy's :)

Even though I meant to be saving, I can't resist to buy something which is very bad :/
I popped into Superdrug earlier and bought 3 item from Gosh. So girls/guys here's what I got :)....

Special edition nail varnish 003 Groovy grey £4.99
Matt effect top coat 600 £4.99
Velvet touch lipstick 146 Cappuccino £6.49
Here's a swatch of the lipstick

What do you think?

Have a fab evening :)



March monthly favs :)

So here are my March fav's, thing that I don't use on a regular basis but love :)

1. Urban Decay, Naked Palette. I'm sure you've seen my post about my love of this but lately I've been using it alot. The shades are just gorgeous and perfect for work without being to ott with a look. But you can also use it for a smokey eye for evening, which I love about this palette.
2. Mac slimshine lipstick in Bare. I love this alot. It applies easily for a full coverage, subtle color so perfect for daily use. It's a nude, with hint of brown.
3. Benefit Bad gal smoldering black eye pencil. I've always loved eyeliner and have worn it for many years now, after finding this amongst my collection I started to use it and remembered why I like it so much!
4. Mac, Shell pearl beauty powder. From the Liberty of London collection.
This so gorgeous, I use it as a blush and it gives a nice sheen to my cheeks. It's a nice pink color with gold shimmers. Defo one I will keep coming back to.

What are your favorites this month?