Love this weather don't you???

Ahhh how nice has it been today? Even though I've been stuck in door working I was able to see some of it when I finished :) seeing people in their summer clothes is so good to see! I hear tomorrows going to be a nice day also so I'm hopefully going to make sure I get out and enjoy it. Have you been out enjoying the weather so far? I hope so! as you never know in this county (UK) how long it will last :/.
Here's some pretty pictures I wanted to share with you as they remind me of summer! and make me smile :D

I hope these piccies made you feel summery! lol :)
So what do you like about summer? and what's you favorite things to do?

I hope your all well...



  1. Great summery pics, wheres the 99 flake?
    I've been indoors painting again today, the good thing is its drying quickly ha ha :)
    Hopefully out in the sun tomorrow though :)

  2. Lol OMG oh yeah! that's so bad of me for forgetting the yummy 99 :)
    Ah cool, I love painting but to be honest haven't done it properly since finishing college 9 yrs ago! :/. Aw yeah at least the weathers good for that! what are you painting? if you don't me asking?.
    Yay! well I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow xxx

  3. I'm not painting any wonderful pictures or anything like that :) It is the house, just moved in so im decorating, todays task was to get the ceilings painted and job done woohoo!
    Even though what is strange is that painting the house has made me want to grab me old craft box out and start drawing again :)

  4. Oh I ♥ the summery weather =) It was beautiful 2day...felt so good not having to wear layers and layers of clothes! lol
    That water melon drink looks so refreshing... =)
    Im also gonna hopefully go out 2moz to enjoy the sun...maybe a day out in the park =)
    Have fun whatever you decide to do and take care =)


  5. Maria, oh sorry I instantly thought you were painting a piece lol silly me! :/. Still decorating can be fun, I enjoy it and find it quite calming...Or maybe I'm just weird!...but I'm glad you got it done, now you can relax :) Aw bless, if you do let me know as I like to know about that sort of thing :)
    Have a lovely evening xxx

  6. Aw me to Sara :) yeah it really is so nice not to wear the big coats and jumper etc....tshirt weather is the best! :)
    Yeah doesn't it just, sadly I don't have a drink like that at the mo :( but maybe over the weekend.
    Oh sounds lovely, I hope you have a fun time! and thank you...have a lovely evening :)

  7. Aww I love getting all the summery clothes out and raiding primarks sunglasses section haha :)
    Izzy xx

  8. Yeah it's the best isn't it? lol I bought a pair from Primark the other day...only a £1! bargain :)
    Have a lovely weekend

  9. im craving for magnum now lol nice blog im your new follower hoping to be followed back by you :) xoxox

  10. Aw yeah I want one to now, every time I look at this post I want a nice drink or ice cream lol!
    Yay Thank you :D