Happy Easter everyone!

Hey everyone :D

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy easter and I hope you get all the choccie eggs you want :D
Are you upto much? or just a time to relax? I will be working tomorrow and Monday and I'm not upto anything different...I know I'm boring :/. But I hope you all have a wonderful time whatever you do :D


  1. Happy easter! :)
    Me too, im working friday and monday. The weekend i'm out with family, so that should be good :)

  2. Aw thank you....Glad I'm not alone but at least we have the weekend to enjoy! I hope you get lots of eggs :D

  3. Happy easter too babe :)
    Im staying home :(
    I was meant to be going to my grandpas, but I cant cos of my back :'(
    Hope you get lotsa choccie girlies :)
    izzy <3 x

  4. A big Thank you :)
    Aw bless you, I really hope your back gets better soon as I'm sure it's getting you down now. Back pain is horrid, but try and stay happy :D
    Thanks sweetie.
    Take care xxx

  5. Happy eater to you too!!! Have loadsa fun!! =D

  6. such a cute photo <3 i love winnie the pooh!! and i hope you had a lovely easter!!

  7. Aww yeah winnie the pooh is so sweet hehe :D makes me smile....Aw thanks so much, I just had the weekend but it was nice and quiet which I liked. I hope you did to?