I've been shopping!

After work yesterday I popped into town and picked up a few little bits an I just wanted to show you.
After hearing about the Impulse & Barry M combo I had to take a look at what they had and I had to have a nosey at the Barry M nail paints, so here's what I got...

Impulse, Tease & Limited Edition lip gloss (nude with shimmer)
Impulse, Very pink & Limited Edition lip gloss (Pink with shimmer)
£3 each worth over £6
From Boots.

317 Blue Moon & 134 Yellow
2 for £4.99 from Superdrug

Here's a picture of Blue Moon a little closer, hopefully you can see the shimmers...

I bought 2 of the Impulse & Barry M combo's in Very Pink, as I will be giving it away in part of my Giveaway!

Oh and some naughty but nice chocolate :D

Thanks for reading...also does anyone know if there are different Impulse & Barry M combo's out??



  1. Oh wow nice haul! And omg i'd never heard of the impulse and barry m combos!! =O Lol i'm gonna hit the shops as soon as I can now to get my hands on it!
    And i'm so tempted to get blue moon cos of the shimmer...but keep resisting as i'v already got pale blue polishes and I hardly wear them... =(
    Mmm yummy choc btw! =)


  2. Btw is that blue moon your wearing in that choc pic?? Looks pretty =)

  3. Aw thanks so much....yeah when I heard about it the other day I had to go check it out :)..it's a very good price to. Let me know how you get on, pretty please :)
    Blue Moon is very pretty, nut I know what you mean...I probably have a few colors the same, but can't resist so your very good to not give in! lol. Choccie was only £1 from Tesco, I didn't put it in the post..opps :/.
    Ah yes I have Blue moon on, after 3 coats and after work today it's now all scruffy so will add a nicer pic of that and the yellow :)

  4. Ooh looks like some great combos!
    Love it, :)
    I've never heardof those barry m colours,they are really unique, how come you manage to get all the bargains!?
    eh!? Hahaa :)
    Who doesn't need chocolate?
    Lovely post as always xx <3

  5. Yeah they didn't have unique names for them...well unless I'm stupid and cannot see it for looking lol, There Limited editions so try and pick one up if you can, they have quite a few left at my Boots also I will be giving one away so you may be the lucky winner :)
    Lol aw, trust me I'm not always lucky :)lol.
    I know I couldn't resist showing you all, the new choccie out at the mo...it's scrummy! but I haven't eaten it all just yet :p
    Thanks lovely :D

  6. I have the blue moon and the yellow from barry m. The colours are gorgeus but the blue moon formula i find it a bit hard to work with.

  7. I think there is only one other Barry M/Impulse set - with a clear glittery lip gloss. I went looking for the caramel one today and couldn't find it :(

  8. Beauty shades...oh fab! :) to be honest I found Blue moon at a bit hard to work with, I ended up putting 3 coats on! but I do love the color just a bit of a pain with applying so many coats.
    Thanks for your comment :)

    NailNewbie...Ah ok, I wasn't sure, I will have a look but I'm sure by now they've all sold out :(
    Thank you for your comment and being my new follower :D

  9. I wanted to get Blue Moon the other day when I was in Superdrug, but my fiance convinced me not too...cause apparently I have too many..but it's soo pretty :) xx

  10. Aw you were good to resist!...I'm terrible so I wish I had someone with me to say no you don't need anymore!lol...Aw thank you, yeah it's pretty, it just needs a few coats which is a bit of a pain :)