Congratulations Kate and Will!

To Katherine Middleton and Prince William!
I was unable to watch it today, but have now seen a few pictures :)
Kate really did look stunning! and I wish them all the best :D

Did you watch it?? and let me know your thoughts :)



  1. I know she did look amazing, lee would've been so proud and honoured to see her in a McQueen dress but I think he would've done it differently, did you know she did her own makeup??
    It was a lovely day!!
    izzy <3 xx

  2. She really did! Oh I agree Lee would be so honoured, so sad that he's not here to see :(
    Yeah I didn't know what to expect her to wear but, all the same I can see why she chose the dress :)
    Oh wow really, no I never knew that...Good for her, from what I've seen her makeup look perfect!
    I'm going to watch the highlights in a mo :D yay!

  3. Aw I didn't watch much of the wedding but caught glimpses of it and I must say what I saw was amazing =) I loved the dress too...it was plain and simple but really pretty =) Wish them both the best of luck for the future =)
    Btw you have another award from me on my page lol!

  4. Hiya again babe :)
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    Thankyou :)
    izzy <3