Mini Superdrug haul!

Hello everyone!!! Here's just a few pieces that caught my eye over the weekend, and I thought you'd like to see. Sleek, Candy palette. Limited Edition Barry M nail Confetti in Bubblegum and Limited edition Nail paint neon green (not called this though) SLE 2013 B is written on the base. Hope you like, I can't wait to get trying them all out :) Hope your all well? What has caught your eye recently? Love Sarah xxx


Holiday time :)

Hey all :0) I've been a busy bee lately with being away for the most of May due to this and my B'day! I'm sorry :( But I'm here with a few snaps from me hols, I went to Orlando Florida! I love it there so much, we were also there to celebrate my bf's big B'day. There's only a few here....but I took over a thousand lol!!! Sorry if it's picture heavy, but hope you don't mind to much :) I'm back to normal now, so have more posts on the way. (I'm sorry I can be awful at this blogging, please forgive me. I do enjoy it aswell it's just difficult sometimes :(. Hope you understand <3 ) Have you been to Orlando?? is it your cuppa? Love Sarah xxx


Things I'm loving

Hi all...sorry this is long over due! but life has been pretty hectic. But I'm here today just to share things I like/love right now :) Ciate chalkboard nails http://www.ciate.co.uk/nail-kits it's not out at the moment but I'm really loving the look of this! (picture from Trend journal) Neon trend I'm not usually the kind of girl to wear bright colors but I've seen so much I like, I bought a neon scarf and a jumper from h&m not long ago which I will show you soon :). (picture from tumblr) The tie dye look From Topshop * I'm soooo sorry the pictures so massive!!! :/ opps! I also have a scarf, but I don't have my camera with me to show you :/ But here's where I got it from and as far as I'm aware there all different...mines a bit like the 3rd one :) Ok so that's all for now before I may start boring you lol. I hope you liked. I'm not sure I will post again before I go away, but I will be back and probably with a holiday haul I'm sure ;) Hope you all have a fab rest of the day. Sarah xxx


Superdrug time!!!

Hey guys! I hope all is fandabbydosey with you :) This is a little 'haul' of a few bits I picked up from Superdrug the other week and thought I'd share :) Barry M's Gelly nail effects in grapefruit :) MUA's Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder, sooo pretty :) MUA's Undress Me Too Palette I cannot wait to try the palette out :) The colors are right up my street and I'm always keen on trying new things especially at an amazing price! Also you you lot who love MUA if you go to their website they are having a 3rd year anniversary at the moment, and have a little sale on :) Have a great weekend! Love Sarah xxx


Happy Easter to you all! :)

Wishing you all a happy Easter! :) Here's some cakes I made, very simple yet very yummy! Sorry if this and next photo isn't the best quality as it was taken on my mobile. These just remind me of spring/summer....nice to have some pretty flowers in the house me thinks! :) xxx


Mini Primark shopping trip!

Hello there!!! I'm sorry this is late, I was meant to post last week but as they say life got in the way. I hope your all well? And enjoying our weather....(not) It's awful...right! Where's Spring??? lol. Anyway, I just wanted to show you my few Spring like items I purchased from the good old Primark :) I love this dress! and it fits perfect, even though I do find the clothes in Primark off. I had to get a size up in this. It was a bargain at £13. This gorgeous top reminds me of Spring/summer and it's a lose fitting top, longer on the back so covers your bum! :) Bargain at £4! Having seen this on FleurDeForce's many Youtube videos and loved it, I've been trying to hunt one day and finally came across one and it was reduced, so always better :) was £4, paid £2 :). That's all folks! I have a mini superdrug/MUA haul coming up to :) Take care for now! Love Sarah xxx


Nails of the day!

So here's what I came up with today! nothing amazing but I totally love the effect :) I used Barry M Indigo and Models Own Snowflakes. Ignore my horrible looking skin :/ the weather doesn't do my skin any good when it's cold :( I hope you like?! xxx


Brits time!

I love the Brit awards and watch it every year and have done for as long as I can remember (many many years lol) I just want to share with you outfits I liked and disliked! :) Sorry this is slightly different post then usual. Paloma Faith always has an eccentric look which I'm a fan of :)I really liked these dresses especially Taylor Swift's, certainly my kind of thing, They all look beautiful! Sorry Ladies but these looks just don't tick any boxes for me! :/ Can't beat a dapper looking 1D! I really like Little Mix's look here, they all look stunning! :) Don't they look fab!? They certainly scrub up well! haha ;) I hope you enjoyed it if you watched it. Love Sarah! Bye for now! xxx