Things I'm loving

Hi all...sorry this is long over due! but life has been pretty hectic. But I'm here today just to share things I like/love right now :) Ciate chalkboard nails http://www.ciate.co.uk/nail-kits it's not out at the moment but I'm really loving the look of this! (picture from Trend journal) Neon trend I'm not usually the kind of girl to wear bright colors but I've seen so much I like, I bought a neon scarf and a jumper from h&m not long ago which I will show you soon :). (picture from tumblr) The tie dye look From Topshop * I'm soooo sorry the pictures so massive!!! :/ opps! I also have a scarf, but I don't have my camera with me to show you :/ But here's where I got it from and as far as I'm aware there all different...mines a bit like the 3rd one :) Ok so that's all for now before I may start boring you lol. I hope you liked. I'm not sure I will post again before I go away, but I will be back and probably with a holiday haul I'm sure ;) Hope you all have a fab rest of the day. Sarah xxx


  1. Ooh love your favorites! The chalkboard nails are so cool, but I can't help thinking a more affordable brand will make the same sort of thing soon, which will be a good thing for a student like me! =P Means I can wait a little before splashing out on this set!
    The dress looks lovely and I can't wait to see the scarves and jumper you have =)

  2. Thanks Sara :) yeah ditto I really hope a cheaper brand will do the chalkboard nails to.
    I hope you had a great birthday! And just make most of it as for me as soon as I hit 21 time has just flown by :/ and now I feel old lol! Sorry to sound miserable just don't like getting older.
    Take care Hun xxx

  3. Hello sweetie! Just logged in to wish you a very happy belated birthday!! =D I hope you had an absolutely brilliant day and got to enjoy it to the max?! =D

    My day was lovely thank you, it was spent just relaxing and taking a bit of a break from things! Things have been hectic since and in just a day I have my first exam!! Eeek. But I can't wait to get them all over and done with =)
    And haha noo you don't sound old, I know exactly what you mean! Its odd getting older and honestly takes some getting used to! But thinking of it in another way, it really is a blessing to wake up everyday, a day older than yesterday, as its a blessing not offered to many.
    Haha ok, i'm in a deep and strange mood today lol =P Must be all the stress!

    Anyway, hope you are well and are having a good week so far?? Again, happy birthday and I hope you get everything you've wished for :)
    Talk soon and take care!!

  4. Hello :) aww A massive Thank you the birthday wishes!!! :D I was just so happy it was a sunny day for a change lol, it was great Thank you hun.

    Aw good I'm really glad you had a Birthday also and got some time out, but that's what there all about hehe. I hope all went ok with your first exam, I guess it's just the waiting now hey.
    Yes your very true in saying that, we're very lucky to be able to wake up and enjoy life that's for sure :) I never take that for granted ever.
    I am going to be blogging again its just been mad busy with being away for almost 3 weeks, catching up with life and Birthdays but I will be posting hopefully this week :)

    Thank you again for the b-day wishes :) I hope you have a great weekend, looks like a sunny one! Yay!!! Lol.
    All the best for the rest of your exams xxx