My Birthday GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello everyone :)
welcome to my first giveway! it's been a while coming as I promised ages ago to do one....and now's a perfect time I thought.
It's my 27th on the tomorrow so I bought a few bits and decided as it was near my b'day I would call it that :D
Ok so me being not very good at this giveaway thing, I have looked at some of you lovely bloggers giveaway post :/ to see how it all works!

So here are the simple rules:
1 entry per person
2 entries for a post on your blog.
Follower to my blog
Add your email address to, please :)

and just as a bit of fun, let me know (only if you want to) what you would name a lipstick or nail polish if you could.

I will be writing down on pieces of paper your names and email addresses, and picking the lucky winner out of a hat!

And so here are the prizes....

Beauty UK bronzing palette
Impulse & Barry M pack
M&S Nail colour in Bright aqua
Nivea Hydro care for lips

I hope the prizes are ok, it's just a little something! :)
If you like then please feel free to enter....OPEN TO ALL COUNTRIES and closes on the
30th June 2011 12am BST

Thank you!!!



Love Beyonce!!!

What a talented young lady she is and such a lovely, humble lady to. I think she deserve all the wonderful things that happens to her! I am a fan and would love to see her in concert one day...Yesterday she won an award titled Billboard Millennium Artist, she is such an amazing singer and dancing!!! well to be fair she's pure talent!
Her is here performance :) Enjoy!!!

What did you think? are you a fan?.....



Ooo I do love Mac lipsticks :)

Hey everyone!!! I hope your all having a fab weekend so far :)
I just thought I'd show you my Mac lippy's, and I would love to know if you have any of them or any others you would recommend for me!? :) that would be lovely.

Before I show you, I have to let you know I couldn't find my Wonder Women lipstick in Spitfire....I have no idea where it is :(.
But here are my few I own, I hope you like...

Here are the swatches...

I think my favorite at the moment is Play time from the Cute Quite collection.

Please let me know if you recommend any and what you have...

Thanks for reading :D

Lots of love


Estee Lauder Double wear...?

I just wanted to ask and see if anyone that has used the Estee Lauder Double wear foundation as I have read some reviews but I would like to know if any of my lovely followers use or have used it? and if so what are your thoughts on it?
I have oily skin, so not to sure if it's good to use on that and if not would you recommend any other foundations?. After having a nosey on the Debenhams website and seeing that they have 10% off on all Beauty and fragrance item and noticing the Estee Lauder there, thought I might treat myself to an early Birthday present! But just wanted to ask you first.

Hello lovelies :)
If anyone could help that would be fantastic and I would really appreciate it :D
Thank you!!!


Monday Summary :)

Hello my lovelies :) I hope you all have a fab weekend?
Did anyone watch Eurovision....what did you think??
I knew we wouldn't win, but glad Blue did a fab job! at least we did better than last year hey?! I must say Denmark were one of my favs, not sure about the winning song though :/....what did you all think?

Anyho....Today I have a day off so thought I would just pop on and say Hi etc...:)
I'm off out for lunch and the cinema to see Thor, as my BF said it's meant to be good and having read good things about it we decided on that!. Have you seen it? or watched anything at the piccies lately?. We don't go often, as it's so expensive, but as a treat we thought why not! ;)

Just going pop a picture in as no one really likes a pictureless post....and I hope you all have a wonderful Monday wherever you are :D


Who loves Eurovision?

Hello to you all, I hope your having a lovely weekend so far?
Just wanted to ask you all if you will be watching the Eurovision tonight?
I'm a fan I must say and cannot wait to watch it :)
I really hope the UK does well, even if we don't win....have you heard our song?
Well Blue (the boyband) will be backing us this year with a song called 'I can' and I really like it! and here it is...

I haven't heard any other countries songs yet, I just going to wait and see :)
Have you?
I really do hope we do well :/ fingers crossed hey!

Thanks for reading :)



Benefit freebies!!!....yes please!!!

Ok, some of you may already know but for you lovelies who don't know this is for you :)
In next months Glamour Magazine out June 9th I believe (July issue) you will get a free mini Benefit products, which will be either a mini Benetint, a mini posietint or a mini high beam.

Thought you would all love to know, as I was and am very excited to try them all out, if I can get my mitts on them :)
Which one/s would you like to get?



Nobody's perfect!

Just thought I'd pop a post up telling/showing you the song I'm loving right now! :)

Jessie J's Nobody's perfect
I love her!!! I'm sure you've already seen my post about her already :) but I think this song is amazing! such a talented young lady and I really want to go see her in concert one day :)
Here's my favourite live version of this...

What do you think?
I also love her hair and make up in the video

I just wanted to say sorry for the expletives used in this song....I don't want to offend anyone.

What are your thoughts? and what's your fav at the moment?

I hope your all ok and still enjoying the sun were still having at the moment!



Dotty nails!

Here's how my nails are looking at this moment in time, just thought you would like to see them....

I used Gosh Misty Mauve
Spots were Barry M's Blueberry ice cream
On top a coat of O.P.I's Holographic polish :)

Do you like/dislike?

I hope your all doing ok? and had a lovely Bank holiday?!



Sunday Shopping :)

Hello my lovely followers, I hope your all enjoying your day :)
What are you all upto??
Today I popped into town to get some Birthday presents, cards and I remembered that the new Hello magazine was out, so went to WHSmiths to purchase it...to be honest I thought they would be all sold out! but luckily not. I'm not a royalist but Friday was a big day and a I felt so proud to be British :D and after watching the highlights it did bring a happy tear to my eye seeing them walk out the church and everyone cheering! :) such a special day!

Then took a detour to Superdrug and picked up these lovely items...

2 Sleek True colour lipsticks
Mystic (purple) which is a matte color
Peaches and Cream which is a Sheen color
2 for £6 or one £4.00 each

Gosh special edition polish in 002 Misty mauve
Such a pretty color and applies so easily, I have 2 coats on in the photo :)

What do you think? and do any of you own these or any other colors of the lipstick & polish :)

Thank you for reading!!!