Estee Lauder Double wear...?

I just wanted to ask and see if anyone that has used the Estee Lauder Double wear foundation as I have read some reviews but I would like to know if any of my lovely followers use or have used it? and if so what are your thoughts on it?
I have oily skin, so not to sure if it's good to use on that and if not would you recommend any other foundations?. After having a nosey on the Debenhams website and seeing that they have 10% off on all Beauty and fragrance item and noticing the Estee Lauder there, thought I might treat myself to an early Birthday present! But just wanted to ask you first.

Hello lovelies :)
If anyone could help that would be fantastic and I would really appreciate it :D
Thank you!!!


  1. I used to use it but found it too heavy for my skin. It felt like I was wearing a mask but hey, so many people rave about it so don't listen to me ;)
    I recently bought Clarins Everlasting and Bobbi Brown's Natural Finish foundations and am liking both.
    I have oily skin too but the Bobbi Brown one especially is GREAT. I don't have to blot my face at all during the day (I used to blot 2-3 times a day!). It's a light-medium coverage though so won't cover angry spots and dark scars


  2. I actually haven't but I have heard soooo much about this foundation, if you want to do some more research I know that swalkermakeup and jdrmakeup both love this foundation.
    Im like you, I have oily skin and I was thinking about purchasing it but to be honest, my skin isn't bad enough to justify blowing my budget in a foundation, maybe in the future :)
    Maybe you should go to the counter and test it first, but don't settle for second best if its your early bday prezzie, a louis vuitton bag will do I suppose!
    Haha :)
    Btw, thanks for the lovely comments on my lil brothers post, really made him smile :) xxx

  3. Ah ok, yeah I don't really want to feel like I'm wearing a mask, if I had good skin I wouldn't wear foundation at all but sadly I need to. lol no I am listening to you :)
    Oh cool, I like the sound of the Bobbi Brown, Yeah same here :( I put on a face primer to but still need to blot but not as much but would love a foundation were I don't need to. I guess a good blemish stick will be ok for scars etc.
    Which Bobbi Brown one do you use?
    Thanks so much :)

  4. I use the Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting one :)

    But hey, Clarins Everlasting is also great - medium-full coverage and doesn't feel heavy at all.

    You should check them both out ;)

    Also, I wanna get Estee Lauder's Double Wear Light next (I'm a foundation junkie, help!!) - seen so many good reviews and it's supposed to be lighter than the original DW :)


  5. Miss A....Ok yeah I will have to check them both out :) and I like the sounds of them. I know there pricey but sometimes it's worth to pay that little bit extra.
    LOL, I use Revlon's ColorStay at the moment but it's almost empty so in need of a new one :)
    Thanks again for you help :)

  6. Izzy...Yeah I will take a look, I have read some review but still wasn't sure with my oily skin, not sure if it works well with it and it's the most expensive one I would have bought so just asking for more help lol :)
    Yeah I will test out other I'm sure and Miss A just mentions 2 different ones so will look into them :).
    Haha! yeah if only ;) I love bags to so yeah why not hehe actually I may even buy some Louboutin's aswell....(I my dreams!)
    Aw no problem :) I do try and comment as much as I can, but so glad it made him smile...bless :)