Monday Summary :)

Hello my lovelies :) I hope you all have a fab weekend?
Did anyone watch Eurovision....what did you think??
I knew we wouldn't win, but glad Blue did a fab job! at least we did better than last year hey?! I must say Denmark were one of my favs, not sure about the winning song though :/....what did you all think?

Anyho....Today I have a day off so thought I would just pop on and say Hi etc...:)
I'm off out for lunch and the cinema to see Thor, as my BF said it's meant to be good and having read good things about it we decided on that!. Have you seen it? or watched anything at the piccies lately?. We don't go often, as it's so expensive, but as a treat we thought why not! ;)

Just going pop a picture in as no one really likes a pictureless post....and I hope you all have a wonderful Monday wherever you are :D


  1. Aloha!
    Im not sure about thewinning song either, though it was perfect europop :)
    Jedward did good for two lil Irish boys!
    Hope your well <3 xx

  2. Aloha!!!
    Ah yes, it was certainly good europop :)
    Lol they did a fab job for Ireland so good for them I say!! :)
    Yeah not bad thanks, hope your ok to!?