Benefit freebies!!!....yes please!!!

Ok, some of you may already know but for you lovelies who don't know this is for you :)
In next months Glamour Magazine out June 9th I believe (July issue) you will get a free mini Benefit products, which will be either a mini Benetint, a mini posietint or a mini high beam.

Thought you would all love to know, as I was and am very excited to try them all out, if I can get my mitts on them :)
Which one/s would you like to get?



  1. hi there :)

    i have just found your lovely little blog and im enjoying having a nosey around :D

    thanks for the tip-off, i shall hopefully be buying all three!

  2. Hey :)
    Aw thanks you so much for checking and following my little blog :)

    Oh no worries, I think we all need to know about this fab freebie coming up...just hope there are some left by the time I get there!!! lol.

  3. Hiya hun, eek I was soo excited when I heard about this offer too! Think I'm gonna look out for posietint and benetint, what about yourself? xxx

  4. Hey Kim, I know it's so good...Glamour magazine have had some fab freebie's lately :)
    Oh cool, I've heard many good thing about the benetint, so that will be one I would like to get :). I'm hoping to pick them all up to try, but we shall see knowing how fast they will sell out :/
    I hope you get the ones you want, and let me know if you do.

  5. hey my lovely :)
    I will say that i will restrain myself to bentint and high beam but I know at the time, I will give in :/
    Haha, at least try izzy come on !
    Hope your well xxx

  6. Hey :)
    Lol aww bless, I'm hoping to get all 3 just to try them more then anything :) But I hope you give in lol! let me know what you get :)
    Aw I'm OK thank you, just not looking forward to being another yr older soon :/. I hope you well?

  7. Hey :)
    Aw thank you for looking and following :)
    Oh no problem at all, ditto I hope to buy all 3 also.
    Take care

  8. Hey there! =)
    Ooh I love a freebie too lol! Especially in the form of Benefit! =) I think i'l pick up the posie tint as iv been interested in it but have no idea if it'l suit my darkish skin tone and really don't want to spend the full amount on it!
    How was your week?? Btw omg I just saw ur polka nails and wowowowow they'r so cute! LOVE them!!! Lol!

  9. Hey :)
    Yeah me to! hehe :D. Aw yeah I know what you mean, and it's so good we get to try them out at the price of the magazine (£2)...I hope posie tint looks fab on your skin! :)
    My weeks been ok, busy but glad it's the weekend...time to relax plus I have Monday off so a 3 day weekend for me :) yay!!! lol.
    Aww thanks so much, I know it's nothing amazing but thought I'd try it out....but thanks so much.
    Hope your weeks been good and you had a wonderful Birthday?