Sunday Shopping :)

Hello my lovely followers, I hope your all enjoying your day :)
What are you all upto??
Today I popped into town to get some Birthday presents, cards and I remembered that the new Hello magazine was out, so went to WHSmiths to purchase it...to be honest I thought they would be all sold out! but luckily not. I'm not a royalist but Friday was a big day and a I felt so proud to be British :D and after watching the highlights it did bring a happy tear to my eye seeing them walk out the church and everyone cheering! :) such a special day!

Then took a detour to Superdrug and picked up these lovely items...

2 Sleek True colour lipsticks
Mystic (purple) which is a matte color
Peaches and Cream which is a Sheen color
2 for £6 or one £4.00 each

Gosh special edition polish in 002 Misty mauve
Such a pretty color and applies so easily, I have 2 coats on in the photo :)

What do you think? and do any of you own these or any other colors of the lipstick & polish :)

Thank you for reading!!!



  1. Love the look of the nail polish :)

  2. Love the packaging of the nail polish, and amazing lipstick colours, Oh I must remember to pick up that magazine, good souvenir :)
    Would you be up for answering some questions on my blog for a new feature Im doing?
    If so, email me on izzyroxyoursox11@gmail.com

    Thanks :)
    izzy <3 xx

  3. Hi Izzy...I'm glad you like the lippys, They had others but these were my favs :) yeah I wasn't going to but I love looking at what everyone wears and like you said it's a good souvenir :)
    Yes, I'll answers some questions I'll email you ok?

  4. That polish looks soo pretty! I'm considering it as a cheeky purchase but I've got some that look very similar already! Hope you've had a good bank hol hun! xxx