Nobody's perfect!

Just thought I'd pop a post up telling/showing you the song I'm loving right now! :)

Jessie J's Nobody's perfect
I love her!!! I'm sure you've already seen my post about her already :) but I think this song is amazing! such a talented young lady and I really want to go see her in concert one day :)
Here's my favourite live version of this...

What do you think?
I also love her hair and make up in the video

I just wanted to say sorry for the expletives used in this song....I don't want to offend anyone.

What are your thoughts? and what's your fav at the moment?

I hope your all ok and still enjoying the sun were still having at the moment!



  1. i LOVE jessie j, so glad she's got big now and is getting the accolade she deserves. her voice is amazing and i love her style. when i saw her in manchester she was wearing a sequinned addidas top - it was amazing! x

  2. I love her too!
    An that song is amazing, have you heard whos laughing now?
    <3 it :)
    Shes such a role model and I want to see her in concert too! xxxxx

  3. I love Jessie J. Amazing music, style and personality.xx

  4. Jasmin...Yeah I agree, she really does deserve the best and she's certainly off to a good start! :) Aw wow! you saw here live? I bet that was amazing?! yeah her style is so fab! I love it :)

    Izzy...Oh I don't think I have yet, I still need to get her album...hoping to get it for my b'day :) I will see if it's on Youtube and have a little listen...Thanks hun! :)

    Katey...Ditto! Such pure talent and she's doing so well for herself :)

    Thank you for all you comments ladies :D