Love Beyonce!!!

What a talented young lady she is and such a lovely, humble lady to. I think she deserve all the wonderful things that happens to her! I am a fan and would love to see her in concert one day...Yesterday she won an award titled Billboard Millennium Artist, she is such an amazing singer and dancing!!! well to be fair she's pure talent!
Her is here performance :) Enjoy!!!

What did you think? are you a fan?.....



  1. Omg I absolutely LOVE Bee! Aaah she's awesome! That performance and song is brilliant =) Love the official video too =)
    Btw have you seen the video for when she sang for a little girl who had cancer? Its a bit of an old vid but I cry every time I see it!

    Also, um isn't it your birthday today? If it is... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! =D

  2. She is amazing! :) yeah I saw the video for the new song....and wow!!! I wish I could dance, look, sound like that lol :)
    No I haven't, can I find it on YT? Aw sounds like she made one little girl very happy, so so lovely.

    Aw thank you Sara!!! :0) it's Thursday 26th...but I love a pre Happy Birthday to make my not so great day ahead...a good one:) so thank you.
    Have a lovely day :D

  3. Hehe LOL I don't think they'rs any girl out there who doesn't want to be like her! =P
    Here's the vid btw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh8enaIMlOs
    Have some tissues handy lol =P

    And ohh sorry! Lol silly ol' me =P Aww I hope you always have good days =)


  4. Yeah your very true lol :D ♥
    Thank you, I will go and watch it now me thinks! I have some tissues at the ready also, but I bet it's beautiful in many ways :)

    Lol no don't be silly, no need to say sorry....I was just happy to see you remembered it was soon :D
    Aww your so kind, thank you...and the same always goes to you to! ♥

  5. I love beyonce!
    She is so inspiring and im so glad she has never given in to being stick thin size zero!
    She's fabulous and in a magazine the other day, she was wearing a 20 pound new look dress!!!!! She's amazing, even is she did pair them with louboutins :)
    Lotsa love xxx