Who loves Eurovision?

Hello to you all, I hope your having a lovely weekend so far?
Just wanted to ask you all if you will be watching the Eurovision tonight?
I'm a fan I must say and cannot wait to watch it :)
I really hope the UK does well, even if we don't win....have you heard our song?
Well Blue (the boyband) will be backing us this year with a song called 'I can' and I really like it! and here it is...

I haven't heard any other countries songs yet, I just going to wait and see :)
Have you?
I really do hope we do well :/ fingers crossed hey!

Thanks for reading :)



  1. Do we have a fan here then?
    Blue stand no chance, makes me laugh just thinking of it ha ha :)

  2. Yeah got to love Eurovision lol! it's a giggle :)
    Lol well Blue may have more chance than last yrs attempt!...last :/ well I hope anyway and I do like the song, cheesy but catchy, perfect for Eurovision I think :D. I just read Jedward may win! lol Oh nooo!

  3. Yeah i reckon we stand more chance then last year!
    As for Jedward, they are favourites at the minute, i can't even imagine what they would be like if they did win, its an unbearable thought ha ha :)

  4. Lol I know just imagine lol, I can't even bring myself to listen to it on youtube. Are you a fan of Eurovision to?

  5. Fan is questionable, lets say its a guilty pleasure ha ha, I shall be flicking channels tonight between that and BGT :)

  6. Hehe that sounds good, well I will be if some of the songs are truly awful ;) Aw I love BGT, I'll have record that for one night. Have a wonderful evening Maria :)

  7. Aloha me lovely :)
    Ah, im not aure about blue :/
    my dad recorded them live with this song (he's a sound engineer) and he said he had to do clever stuff to make it sound it tune, thats tricky to do live :/
    Im not keen?
    Also are the dancers wrapped in loo roll :D
    Haha, anyway, Jedward are technically ours?
    Hhe :)
    Anyway, I've never seen eurovision so Im excited!!! Haha :D

    How are you?

  8. Aloha!! lol I like ;)
    Lol that's fair enough, I know everyone's not a fan and to be honest alot of people aren't so keen on the song either...I think I'm the only one that does! :/ oppsy.
    Oh really? Ah so there not upto singing live very well then...that's so disappointing to :(.
    Haha!!! Just looking a vid again and yeah I think your right about the loo rolls...no expense spared there hey ;) hehe. Oh dear, I think I like the catchy, cheesyness of it all! but I thank you for you comment....made me giggle :D
    Let me know what you favs are if there are any?! ;)
    I'm ok thank you, just nice to finally chill out after a busy week....I hope your good to?

  9. Haha, yeah, aloha! :D
    Yeah, its ok to be different my love haha :)
    Yeah, npo expenses spared! all very budget... :D haha!
    Yeah, I'll let you know which ones I like :)
    Yeahh and good thanks :) xxxxx