Superdrug time!!!

Hey guys! I hope all is fandabbydosey with you :) This is a little 'haul' of a few bits I picked up from Superdrug the other week and thought I'd share :) Barry M's Gelly nail effects in grapefruit :) MUA's Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder, sooo pretty :) MUA's Undress Me Too Palette I cannot wait to try the palette out :) The colors are right up my street and I'm always keen on trying new things especially at an amazing price! Also you you lot who love MUA if you go to their website they are having a 3rd year anniversary at the moment, and have a little sale on :) Have a great weekend! Love Sarah xxx


  1. Ooh the polish looks so summery and pretty! =]
    That highlighter is stunning - unfortunately I own a few too many at the minute so won't be getting it myself, but oh it looks beautiful! Let me know how you like it!
    Yay for the palette! I hope you''l love it when you try it out =D Its gorgeous and become one of my everyday essentials!

  2. Thanks Sara :)
    Yeah the highlighters gorgeous on, it's little gem indeed :)
    Hehe!!! yay! I'm sure I will love it, the colors are my thing and I cannot wait to get trying it :D