Mini Primark shopping trip!

Hello there!!! I'm sorry this is late, I was meant to post last week but as they say life got in the way. I hope your all well? And enjoying our weather....(not) It's awful...right! Where's Spring??? lol. Anyway, I just wanted to show you my few Spring like items I purchased from the good old Primark :) I love this dress! and it fits perfect, even though I do find the clothes in Primark off. I had to get a size up in this. It was a bargain at £13. This gorgeous top reminds me of Spring/summer and it's a lose fitting top, longer on the back so covers your bum! :) Bargain at £4! Having seen this on FleurDeForce's many Youtube videos and loved it, I've been trying to hunt one day and finally came across one and it was reduced, so always better :) was £4, paid £2 :). That's all folks! I have a mini superdrug/MUA haul coming up to :) Take care for now! Love Sarah xxx


  1. Haha completely agree, where the heck is Spring?! Its snowing like crazy here and every morning I wake up to an ice cold chill =/ Brrr...
    I love good ol' Primark lol! They'v had some amazing stuff in recently and oh my goodness I can't believe I made myself walk away from that very necklace last time I saw it! No idea why I did that to myself, but now I'm going to have to pick it up next time I go as its just so pretty =)
    Love the dress, so summery looking! And the top is gorgeous too. The high-low trend is something im a massive fan of =)
    Happy Easter btw!

  2. Aww I hope the snow all gone now....I just hope we all get a decent summer to make up for it :)
    It's good for it's bargain, don't get me wrong it's not always amazing but I don't think I can live without it hehe ;). Aw I hope you manage to pick one up, I can't believe how cheap it was :)
    Thanks my lovely, I was thinking of wearing it for a friends wedding in August and possible on holiday :D It fit's perfectly to.
    Thanks again for your lovely words :)

    I hope your having a fab break!

  3. I love that vest top in black, I didn't see that,
    Your first dress is super pretty too :)

    x x x

  4. Aw Thank you Charlotte :)
    I love the top, nice a floaty...and I'm just super happy the dress fits me and looks ok on me as I thought it looked so pretty on the hanger :)