Brits time!

I love the Brit awards and watch it every year and have done for as long as I can remember (many many years lol) I just want to share with you outfits I liked and disliked! :) Sorry this is slightly different post then usual. Paloma Faith always has an eccentric look which I'm a fan of :)I really liked these dresses especially Taylor Swift's, certainly my kind of thing, They all look beautiful! Sorry Ladies but these looks just don't tick any boxes for me! :/ Can't beat a dapper looking 1D! I really like Little Mix's look here, they all look stunning! :) Don't they look fab!? They certainly scrub up well! haha ;) I hope you enjoyed it if you watched it. Love Sarah! Bye for now! xxx


  1. I actually forgot about the Brits this year =/ I know right?! But iv been catching up with everything I missed on youtube and other sites =]
    I completely agree with your best and worst dressed, Palomas dress is ridiculously stunning and she pulls it off amazingly! And omg the first time I saw rita ora's dress I literally gagged! Gosh its too hideous for words =/
    Its like a bed sheet, and one that hasn't even been ironed! =P
    Oh and the guys look amazing, love JLS especially! =]

  2. Aw I know it's not for everyone and to be honest I really didn't think it was amazing this year :/ so don't feel bad :)
    I know right, I love Palomas....just not to sure I'd pull of the look though! but she always seems to look fab and unique which I like alot. Haha! It's so bad isn't it?! :/ each to there own as they say ;) lol.
    Ah yeah JLS are looking gorgeous! They seem really nice guys also which is always a good thing :)

  3. Little Mix look amazing, I love how they all have their individual styles. The one on the left (Perrie?) - I love her pastel skater dress and Taylor Swift's dress is divine. xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  4. Hi Rosie :)
    Yeah Little Mix's styles are great, I know what you mean Perries dress looks fab! I love that color and her hair to :) Taylor looks amazing right?! She's so pretty/

  5. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,