Nail Rock!

Ok so I had this months ago free with my Glossy box (I have now unsubscribed). I haven't gotten around to trying it out until now, so thought I'd show you :) I do have to say I've not used this product before so did take some time cutting and applying! lol. Sadly they didn't last long on my nails, not sure I would keep them on for more than a day/night as they started to irritate me :) But here goes...picture time!
I know it's not a perfect job but I attempted it hehe :) Hope your all fandabbydosey!!! Thanks for looking :) xxx


  1. Hey hey! =] Aw gosh that print is hot! It looks great on you =)
    I have a few of these kinds of polish strips lying about but i'v not tried them out properly yet.
    Hope you'r doing good??

  2. Hello there :D
    Aw Thank you :)
    Oh fab, I'd love to see your designs, and no doubt they look a million times better on your lovely nails :)
    Yeah not to bad Thank you, hope you well? I see your on Twitter....I'm not (at the moment) lol only because I'd get too addicted....like I am with FB :/ lol