Happy Snow Day!!!

As you may all know here in Britain we got hit by the white stuff this morning, and for most of us I'm sure like here it's still snowing. Luckily today I had booked off work so didn't need to get up mega early and try to get to work. But as much as I do love snow and it looks very pretty, I did have plans which were soon cancelled, but as they say c'est la vie! :/ So instead I've had an indoors PJ day, doing chores but I did step out the house just to snap a couple of pic's from the front and back garden, a whole 2 mins that took before I felt brrrr in my PJ's :/ lol!.
Right now I'm mostly having a hot mug of Lemon and chilling watching something I never usually watch...The Hills?? :/
I hope your all having a fun day?! and keep safe and warm wherever you are :) Love Sarah xxx


  1. LOL oh lord not The Hills!! =P Haha aww but I'l admit, I do the same... it starts out as a flick through the channels, then suddenly a totally awful programme is spotted and then two hours later you suddenly realise that you actually did just watch all that!
    I adore the snow and lucky you got a day off work to enjoy it too =)
    Hope your doing well?

  2. Haha! Yeah I know The Hills :/ not something to shout about I know, but it caught by eye so did watch a bit of the awful program. I'm kinda of wishing I hadn't wasted my time now, but oh well hehe.
    Yeah it was a lovely day just chilling out :)
    All gone not though :/ so bad to normal here.
    Yes I'm great Thank you, did a First Aid course today, was really good :)
    I hope you are well?

  3. Lol!! Aww... oh well, hey it could have been worse! =P
    Yea its almost gone over here too, but it keeps snowing really lightly so it doesn't settle.
    Wow awesome!! That sounds great, how did it go?
    I'm good too thanks, just enjoying a few days off uni =] Will be going back again tomorrow but only for 2 hours so its alright!

  4. Yeah your so right there hehe :)
    It's now all gone here, as it's been raining last night...but will it return before the winters over I wonder, I'm just looking forward to the warmer weather now :)
    The went really well, I've never done one before but so glad I did it as I've learnt a lot.
    Aw I it's always good to have time away from the 'norm' :)
    Hope your having a great weekend!!! xxx