Happy New Year to you all!!!....

Hello!!! :) I am so very sorry for my lack of posts, I won't give you any excuses other than life being very hectic and so much going on, but I won't bore you with all the little details but please forgive me :/. I hope you are all well? and had an wonderful Christmas and New Years? It went by too fast for me, as I was working most of it. But good otherwise :). It feels rather odd to be back on here, but a good odd and I feel all new to this again...if that makes sense at all lol, I realized how much I've missed it and all of you lovely people :(. I've been into Photography for along time but this year more so, and over time I would like to share some photo's with you if you would like that?... I'm going to add some Christmas pictures I took recently, hope you like (I apologize now as it's not like my usual posts).
Thank you for still following :) it means a lot xxx Sarah xxx


  1. Hi ya! =) Welcome back!! Loving the pictures you'v snapped, they all look wonderful =)
    And I think it would be amazing if you shared more pictures with us!
    I love your new layout too, it looks really pretty =]
    Happy New Year to you and I'l talk to you again soon!

  2. Aww :) Thank you!
    I will defo do that then :)
    I'm loving your new layout also, you can see it took alot of time and it's really paid off! so well done :D
    Thanks so much, I hope it's a better one for you. I'm sorry last yr wasn't so great.

    Take care xxx

  3. Thank you so much! Haha it did take a while to get right, still not exactly how I want it to be but i'm working on it lol =P
    But thank youuu =)
    Aw thanks again, I hope its better too =] Hope your year is also amazing!!
    Will talk soon, off to check out your other blog now!

  4. :) Aw well it looks fab, so pleasure :)
    Thanks so much, fingers crossed. I hope your is just as amazing, sounds like you could do with a good one.
    Yay! I hope you like, Thank you