Holiday time!

Hello to you all..I hope your all well?
Just a little post today, a different one from my beauty related ones.
The one thing I love a lot is being able to go on holiday, and I've been lucky to visit a few place mainly in USA coz I love it there!!! lol. I'm saving hard now for my holiday to LA & Vegas ....usually when I go away with my bf were always on the move rather than sitting by a pool/beach everyday we like to be busy most of the days, so sometimes I come back needing a rest haha ;)...but I love it! it's just great to explore and make the most of our time whist we can hey, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with doing nothing but chill on holiday because for most of us it's the only time we get to relax :)....we're all different and like do do different things which is wonderful, so I'm just curious on what you like to do on holiday, where your fav place is so far and why, and where would you most like to visit?
Here's some of my pic's of my fav destinations so far....

Toronto, Canada 2008

New York 2009

San Francisco 2009

1st time to Orlando 2007 Halloween time

2nd time to Orlando...Christmas 2008

3rd time to Orlando 2010

Just a few pic's :)

Thanks for reading!!!



  1. Portugal!
    Oh, portugal is LUSH. Seriously, amazing, we got a villa with a pool when we went, AH-MA-ZING!
    Izzy xx

  2. Lol never been, but would like to as I've heard good things about it...where abouts in Portugal do you go?

  3. Oh wow you'v been on awesome holidays! =)
    I visited Dubai last year in the summer...but seriously DO NOT go in the summer! Ugh I almost died of the heat! Its unbearable lol but I still loved seeing it =) I'm gonna hopefully go again next year in the winter time =)
    I also went India and saw the Taj Mahal....it was incredible =) I love travelling and seeing different places =) My most wanted place to visit though has got to be Brazil! I wanna go there soo badly lol! =P

  4. Aw thank you :)
    I would like to visit Dubai, shopping meant to be good...not sure if it is? Oh no really?? how hot does it get then? I bet it was a wonderful place though :)...Oh lovely, yeah I don't blame you at least it will be warm but not to unbearable! :/.
    Omg! amazing, that's sounds so good...I'm jealous now! lol. Are you going somewhere this yr?.
    Yeah ditto, I love to travel when and if I can. Brazil I'm sure is a wonderful place, a lot to see and do...I'm sure you will go :) and it will be a fab holiday!. You can let me know what it's like lol :p

  5. Shopping in dubai is good but the prices seemed more expensive than over here =( And the heat can get up to and even over 40 degrees lol!
    And I dont think im going anywhere this year...might go france but ive been there before so many times Im gonna tell my dad to try and go portugul instead =)
    Aww thanks! Haha of course i'l let u know lol! Are you gonna go anywhere soon??


  6. Yeah, its gorgeous there, we went near 'faro'.
    :) It was really lovely :)
    Izzy x

  7. Sara :) I love to shop but yeah I bet it's a tad more pricey but would love to go one day :) maybe not when it's that hot...don't get me wrong I love the heat but not to that extreme lol :)
    Oh lovely, I've never been to France even though it's not to far away, wouldn't mind to Disney as I love Disney :) have you been? If you do go, I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time:D
    I'm going to LA & Vegas this yr, really cannot wait! lol just been saving hard...well trying to, we want to do the Grand Canyon by helicopter just pricey but I'm sure worth it...I'll be sure to let you know.
    I hope your having a lovely weekend? I got my hands on the Barry M nail effects so I will do a post soon :)

    Izzy :) Oooo I just had a look at some pictures and it does look so nice :) I wanna go there now!!! if only :(.
    Hope your having a lovely weekend

  8. Lol extreme heat is never a good thing! =P
    And yea the first time I went france was because I wanted to see disney land so that was the reason for even going there lol! It was amazing and we saw tarzan live...wow the guy playing him was simply yum! =P Lol
    And wow i'd love to go vegas!! Aww i'm sure you'l have a great time there! The helicopter sounds amazing!
    And thanks yea my weekends good...been relaxing since the easter hols have started now! Yay =)
    How about yours??
    And thats cool can't wait to see the pics!! =D

  9. No extreme heat isn't the best :(
    Aww I love Disney so much that's why I've been to Orlando 3 times lol, and going to Disney in Anaheim next :) so excited! I really want to go to France now...Ah cool, I bet Tarzan was so much fun....Disney really know how to make thing amazing and special :) lol bit of a sauce pot was he? ;) did you take a piccy?
    Thanks hun, yeah I hope it was be amazing! we will see :).
    Oh yeah you have half term, which must be nice to chill out and do your own thing. Are you looking forward to the Royal wedding?
    Mine was good thanks, out last night with friends which was a good giggle.
    Take care xxx