Quite Cute swatches & review

For the lovely Izzy http://belleoftheblush.blogspot.com/ who asked for me to do this and to anyone else who would like to read this post :D
Left is Candy Yum Yum which is a matte lipstick. Neon pick color, it may not come across that in the picture, sorry. Very pigmented and the only bright colored lipstick I own, not sure I would be able to wear it on an everyday basis but still would be perfect on a night out with a funky make up look!. Like I said it's a matte and you would probably think it is drying on the lip but thankfully it isn't! If you like the look and sound I would defo recommend :)
Right is Play time which has a cremesheen finish, it's an intense lilac/violet and I already love it! looks glossy and very easy to apply and I think a couple of layers to have it look like the color in the swatch. I would wear this everyday and it's my fav out of the 2.

This for the lovely Sara http://sara-loves-pretty-little-things.blogspot.com/ asked for me to take a picture of the mascara wand

This is what it looks like on...sorry pic isn't the best :)



  1. Aww thanks babes,they are lovely colours too :)
    izzy x

  2. Yay thank you for the post!! =)
    I love those lipstick colours...the lilac one looks amazing! =)
    And that mascara looks good too =) Im always wondering what a mascara wand looks like before I buy it...I hate it when they'r all sealed up in the shops and I cant see it! =P
    Thank you again!

  3. Aw lol no problemo ladies :) Glad you liked.
    Yeah same here Sara, it's annoying when they don't have samples, that's why it's always nice to read reviews :)
    Thanks again!