A mini 'haul' :-)

Hey all, hope your all well?! This weekend I went to Cabot Circus, I really like it there....bought a few bits, even though I said I wouldn't :-( but hey I'm a girl, I can't help it! any how it's nothing major. Starting off with the lovely LUSH! I really like Lush but have never really bought loads from there, so popped in for some xmas ideas for myself as people keep asking. Not sure if you've all been to Lush recently but I adore all the christmas gift boxes/sets, the young girls in there are so nice and friendly....showing me all the new xmas gifts. I love the bath melts & bubble bars....so I picked up Bearded Lady £2.50, and my other half bought me Gingerbread House £2.45, I haven't used either yet but they smell divine :-). Here's a pic of 2! ....

Ok so, since the Barry M's nail effect came out i've been trying to hunt it down in many shops but had no luck, then finally yesterday I found it!!! woo I could only see 1 at first then noticed 2 more hidden so grabbed them to, ok I know 3! why do I need 3? well I'm thinking gifts and maybe a contest on here? possibly. All the paints were on 2 for £5, even though the nail effect was more expensive at £3.95. I also got Indigo all from Boots, here's a look....

And just a few other random bits, first is for my secret santa. A small bottle of Bold and Gold from Next, it reminds me of a well know perfume but I can't put my finger on it....if any of you know please let me know lol, coz it's buggin me :-). From Head, Kelly Clarkson's album, My December which was £1.00....bargain!!! and a Children in need Pudsey wristband £1.00...so cute :-).

What have you all been upto this weekend?


  1. i want nail effect so badly, but can't find it anywhere! i was working all weekend, boo! great post! x

  2. Hey, aww I know how you must be feeling....everywhere I went, nothing. So glad I found it :-). Your Mac giveaway is so fab btw!. Maybe we could do a swap of something?x

  3. I love Lush! If I could, I would buy the whole store... :)
    I can't find Barry M effects in Ireland yet, and I've been to few Boots already.