As promise a mini Haul! well I picked up a couple of other things to as you will see...... I popped into both Boots and Superdrug to buy the new Barry M nail effect polish , but both places sold out! :-(. While I was in Superdrug they had an offer on the Barry M nail paints 2 for £5 which they do alot. So I went for 136 Tangerine and 313 Dusky Mauve and here's a piccy! ....
Then from Boots I picked up Britney Spears Circus Fantasy, £10 for 30ml as it's on offer atm...
Smells so good to! which brings me onto something else I adore right now, having only smelt it Saturday. It's the Cacharel, Eden....Love it so went back to get it yesterday from Debenhams. It's on sale, so I'm guessing there getting rid of it :-( I bought the 50ml which was £20, they also had the 30ml which was £14.
It's lushious! Do any of you like this to?
Next is a mini clothes haul thingy hehe..... I popped into Primark just to get some socks as I was in much need of them, and as you do you have a nose around or mooch as I call it. I picked up a jumper with swallows on it, it's navy blue with 2 white swallows, which was £11! bargain hey? I shouldn't be spending really :-( . Here's a pic for you....
What do you think? Then onto the River Island sale, I purchased 3 things...
The first one was £16.99 on sale for £7! wanted it ages ago so when I saw it, I had to grab it! Next the shirt I kept looking at when it came out but when I got round to buying it, they were either gone or sold out online and in stores near me! typical lol. But when I saw this, I was a happy bunny! even though it is a size to big it's not such a bad thing. I love the colors, it was £24.99 on sale for £15. Lastly, just a white tee on sale for £6. Perfect for wearing underneath jumpers, hoodies and shirts :-). So thats the lot! I doubt I'll be buying anything for myself for a while. Christmas shopping to be done next, scary but true hey...? has anyone started their xmas shopping yet?


  1. I love Barry M!

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  2. Love the barry m nail paints,
    dont forget to enter my giveaway x

  3. @R. Yeah Barry M fab! Just wish I could get my hands on the new nail effect! lol. will check your blog...thanks x

    @Nikkay Fab aren't they! Oh great will do :-)
    Thanks x