My October Favs :)

....And here they are...

Pentene Pro V Aqua light, Shampoo....Love this and smells amazing.
Love and Beauty, Nail glitter in the color sliver but it's more like a rainbow glitter to me :) from Forever 21.
Viva La Juicy, love this! my fav at the mo :)
L'oreal Universal lip glow, gorgeous!
Clean and Clear, Morning energy facial scrub.

And that my favs my lovelies...what are yours??




  1. Cool, they all look so nice =] I'm going to buy that l'oreal lip glow next time i'm in town =] I love holo glitter polishes, they'r super pretty!

    My faves this month are St I'ves face scrub, good things miracle mattifier, superdrug naturals coconut shampoo (smells AMAZING lol) and the body shop guava lib balm =) Oh and I should probs include a fave nail polish too, so I guess this month it has to be Nubar Reclaim =D I'v written up a post on it and will have it up soon. I thought I'd also thank you again lol for making me buy it! =P I love it!


  2. Just wanted to say I just came across your blog and I'll be visiting again. :)

    Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

  3. The Viva la Juicy smells really nice, I love it too! By the way I gave you a blog award!

  4. oh i use that shampoo too! it alright, ^^
    you should do a swatch of the lip colour^^

    CMPang x