Pinky and perky!

Hello there...I'm so sorry with the lack of posts :/ Just things are very busy at the moment. But won't bore you with that!.
I hope your all ok?

Just going to show you my fav nail polish at the mo....

Love & beauty from Forever 21, $2.80.
Pink/gold this is called.
So pretty I think, with the gold shimmers shinning when light hits them :)

I tried the Andrea Fulerton shimmer, from the Petrol and water polish and here's what it looked like...

What do you think???


P.s Sorry it's a short and sweet post....next post will hopefully be my glossy box! :)


  1. Aww don't worry I understand life can get super busy sometimes! Glad you'r all ok though =D

    LOVING this colour on you! And that AF topcoat makes it looks even more fabby-lisious! =P