Mini Primark trip!

Hey all!
How ya all doing?

I'm just here with a mini 'hauletto' for you to see....

I've wanted a nice, warm cosy winter jumper for a little while now and this one caught my eye, gorgeous red color only £10 a bargain!, next I needed some tights for my crimbo party :) £3!
Then lastly is some PJ's...love PJ's! on sale at £3....not to bad hey?

I also went to see Lee Evans on Saturday, just have to share with you how amazing and funny he was...he's one my favs thats for sure...

They were so strict on no photo's/videos being taken, so only have this to show you.

Oh I want to show you a yummy treat I had before we saw him...

It was scrummy :p and I can't resist a bit of sparkle hehe ;)

Hope you all had a fab weekend???

I hope to do my Glossy Box next, sorry thought it was being sent last week :/ but it's out this week :)





  1. Thank you lovely :D
    I hope your OK?

  2. Cute haul! =)
    Omgosh that dohnut looks too good to eat! Lol love the shimmer in it =)))
    Haha I love Lee, he's hilarious!


  3. Aw thank you!!! :D
    Haha, I really tried to resist the doughnut, as it was to pretty! but I couldn't for long :p was lushious!
    Yeah he was fabulousa! defo recommend for a good night out :D