My first GlossyBox :D and goodbye for now....

Hello lovelies :D
How you all doing?

This post is about my 1st ever GlossyBox(as you can see in title :))
I've seen the past boxes and thought there was good enough items inside for me to be finally to give to temptation and subscribe lol! Oh I wish I could of especially picked up the boxes with Nars items and OPI nail polish :( but ah well hopefully they will have plenty more of that to come :D.
I'm sure your all well aware of of it all now, but I will just add a few pointers for amyone who doesn't know much about it here...it's a monthly subscription where you can cancel at anytime (obviously not a few days before the new ones due out, as that's a tad to soon) it's £10 a month with £2.95 PP via Royal Mail. You get 5 items inside and gorgeous box (my opinion) all wrap up, nice and neatly with and rippon around it. Inside is also and card with information about the products you have inside, you won't find out what the 5 items are until the box gets to your door....unless you want to spoil the fun and find out the week there out as some people receive theirs maybe a day before you and pop posts,videos up :)

http://www.glossybox.co.uk/?gclid=CP6jloKZoqsCFYUOfAodNCMhoQ have a read for more info...this is the UK version of the US Birchbox, so you can only get it here in the UK :D

And here's what I got (I think some are slightly different from what I've seen online)

I was like a little excited child when I saw this! hehe :)

The gorgeous box it comes in.

I very happy with my box!
My fav item is the Neal Wolf Harmony, Intensive Care Treatment for all types of hair. Just had a look online and this is the full size tube retailing at £12.95...The price of the box alone, so a big thumbs up from me! :D

Have anyone else had theirs?

I'm afraid I won't be here for the next 3 weeks...I'm away on holiday but I will be back with more posts next month. Thank you for you all for following me, love you all :D so for now hope you all stay well and stay happy!



  1. I wish they had this box in the states. The products look so good!

  2. All itmes are amazing I wish I could have glossy box !
    Look at my blog I have award for you <3