Andrea Fulerton Nails....

Hello there!!!

Today's post will be on 2 of Andrea Fulerton's Trio Nail polishes.
I bought them both from Superdrug, I had to hunt for the one I went in for though lol, which is Petrol in water. They had an offer on to buy to products and get 100 points onto the Beautycard, so I picked up Rain Fall to! :)
And here's some pic's (not the best ones I'm afraid)

Left to right Rain Fall then Petrol in Water :)

What in wearing on my nails now...

Petrol in Water...Just one coat of the darker shade then the sparkly shade on top created this.

Both are gorgeous! but my fav has to be Petrol in Water :D
Having looked online, it's sold out and they only had 2 in store when I went, but I'm sure they will get more in soon :)

What do you think? and do you have any of the other Trio's???

I hope your all well?