August Faves

Hello there....I hope everyone's OK?

I thought I would show you my recent faves of the past month...So here there are... :)

First is the Sure for women, Anti perspirant roll on. This one's called bright from the Fragrance collection...it's on offer at Tesco at the mo 81p I think :)
Then I have the mini size bottle of Liz Earle's Instant boost skin tonic spritzer...love it, it's so refreshing :)
Next is The Body Shops Hemp Hand Protector, My hands get so dry and rough and as we've not had the best of weather lately my skin has been awful :( but this does the trick!
And lastly is a Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner, think I got this on a 2 for £5 offer a while ago. But I've been wanting a good one for ages and though why not try this out as it's not expensive and luckily it's fab!
Also I don't have a picture of it but I'm loving the Pantene Aqua light shampoo and conditioner....it's smells so good to but I just love how it makes me hair feel after use.

So that's all for now lovelies...what's your fav's right now?

Thanks for sticking with me, even though I don't always have time to post most days (sadly) but I do try to keep consistent and do at least one a week :)




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  1. Hey hey! First I just wanted to thank you for your lil comment you left on my page, asking if I was ok. I'm sorry to have worried you but yea i'm fine and I did a post yesterday to explain why iv been away for so long lol

    Your august faves are great! Wow thanks for letting us know about the sure offer =] Will def get that soon! I was wondering, about that hand cream, is it greasy at all?

    Thanks again for your sweet comment, really it was kind of you to ask =]