Earthquake! :)

Hello my pumpkins (sorry about that just came out)

I hope you are all well???

I just wanted to show you a look I did last week and hadn't gotten round to posting it until I remembered just :D

So here we go...

I use Barry M's Fuchsia and w7 Earthquake silver crackle :)

What do you all think?

Hope you like :D

Please feel free to ask me questions or anything you would like to see maybe?



  1. LOL! Pumpkins actually made me laugh out loud! =P

    Hehe =P

    Beautiful nails btw! I really love the pink with silver =] And I'v not seen the w7 shatter in shops anywhere, just the internet.

    Oh btw, I read your sweet comment on my CG ruby pumps post.... and YAY i'm so glad your getting it! =]]]] Hehe trust me your going to LOVE it =] I can't wait to see your post on it now!

    And also about guest blogging, of course I don't mind you wanting to do it! =] I'm really glad you offered actually =] And i'l send you an email now about it!


  2. Oh wow what a looong comment! =P

  3. Ohkay plan failed. Lol I can't email you... I don't have your address! =S Am I just really blind and can't see it or do you not have it written anywhere?!

    You wouldn't mind emailing me, would you, please?