Accessorize :)

Hello there everyone! :)

I'm going to show you my mini haul from the Accessorize sale...I love a sale especially when it's 70% off all jewelery! There's so many sales on at the mo, but sometimes I really hate them! lol I know your thinking why? well I don't like it when it's manic and you can't move, and when it's like a jumble sale :/ grrr, Next is usually the worst for that and when I do go in, I usually end up leaving after a few mins coz I get so frustrated lol, do you feel the same? or is it just me? ;)

Any way on to the few bits I picked up yesterday (when it was so much quieter hehe)

Black and floral headbands was £5 now £1.50! bargain!!! love these, very simply and will go with most things :)

Pretty charms were £5 now £1.50...there so pretty :) not sure what to use them for
yet :/

Bracelet was £7 now £2.10!

Have you been to the sales yet? and what bargains have you picked up??



  1. Hiya hun :)
    Loving the new layout :)
    Very summery indeed!
    Oooh, those charms actually go with a charm bracelet you can buy. You just buy the actual bracelet and collect all the charms and what a better time than during a sale!?

  2. Hey Lovely :)
    Hope your well?
    Aww big thank you, I just felt it needed a little change :)
    Looks like I'll be heading back into the sales again but will do that prob next Sun now :) I will defo look for a bracelet, I am a sucker for anything that has a sparkle on it!

  3. Oh wow I think the new background is so sweet! =]

    And oooh nice haul! Love everything you got =] I think I would use them charms like Izzy said, clip them onto a plain bracelet! =]
    And omg that bracelet reminds me of one Kimberly from the pussycat dolls wore recently... its gorgeous =]

    LOL I totally so the same thing at sales!!! Haha I'v stopped even trying to get into next.. I know i'l just end up running straight back out again =P


  4. Awww thank you, so glad you likes! :)

    :D Thank you!!! yeah I will probably do that as I didn't think that far into things when I bought them..oppsy! ;)
    Oh right, coz I saw I think it was one of the ladies from The Saturdays wearing a black one with diamonte balls which I really wanted but I can't see it online, plus it would probably be £££! so I will make do with my £2.10 one hehe :)

    Yeah ditto! you will never see me line up at 5am just to get in first lol...Not being horrible to anyone does but not for me ;)


  5. I love the last bracelet, so cute :) xx

  6. Love the little charms, so cute x

  7. I went there yesterday and everything was like a jumble sale so it put me off abit. I did get some cute animal studds from the kids section though! ♥

  8. Wow some fantastic bargains! I may be dropping into Accessorize soon :) :)

    xxx Kat

  9. Beautyful fashion....Aw thanks so much :)

    Sunshine Sam...Thank you!! Just need to get the bracelet now! :)

    Ruby Red Head...Oh really!? I hate that sometimes :/ thankfully the one I went to was all tidy but not sure how long it stayed like that..lol. Aw they do sound cute :) I never thought of looking in the kids section, thanks for letting me know :)

    HelloKittyx94... Aw Thank you! Yeah do..you never know yours may have alot more items than mine :)