Reclaim and Treasure!

Hey all :) I hope your all doing OK and had a fab weekend?! :D

Todays post is about 2 Nubar polishes I got recently...I couldn't wait to show you them, so without further ado here they are...

Reclaim & Treasure...so pretty, don't you think? :)
Reclaim is a green Holo from the Going Green Collection :)
Treasure is from the Prism Collection :)

And here's Treasure with MUA's Nail quake in Broken Arrow

So what do you think ladies?
I'm not usually a Green fan, but as soon as I saw Reclaim I fell for it! ;) it's so pretty and my fav of the 2...but of course I love them both :) What's you fav?

Thank you for reading...commenting and be so lovely :D

Love Sarah



  1. Reclaim is definitely my kind of colour!
    I'm suprised how well the crackle worked over Treasure!

  2. Yeah it's pretty isn't it :)
    I thought I'd give it ago wasn't sure at first but came out better in pic's :)
    Thank you!!!

  3. Reclaim is such a beautiful shade... love it

  4. Ooo They're both pretty :D

    Lucy xx

  5. They lovely. I did not know we could get nubar in the uk:)My fav is the purple

  6. Thanks Beautyshades....I managed to get mine from an Ebay seller from the UK :) had to pay a little more for them but I love them!

  7. Hello!
    I read all your posts I missed out on lol loved reading them all =]
    And do you know Sarah what you just made me do?! You just made me buy Reclaim! Like seriously just a few seconds ago I clicked the commit to buy button on ebay and just bought this beauty =D I can't wait to get it!!!!
    I love your manis you'v done with both, especially the crackle one =] Makes me want to use my Treasure asap!

  8. Hello there...aww Thanks hun, means alot :D
    Oh no :/ I'm sorry I just knew you would love it hehe(don't hate me)lol. Your just like me though...I did that with Ruby Pumps when I saw your post and what you told me about it...I just had to get it asap :D and I love it! I'm sure you will do lots of amazing manis, as you always do :)))...I cannot wait to see.