I heart Disney World :-)

Woooo! I Know I'm kinda sad here! but I'm so excited to go to Disney world again in Sept :-) I just love it soooo much! hehe, it'll be my 3rd time, and it's almost been 2 years since me & my BF last went. I can't wait to go to Universal to see the new Wizarding world of Harry Potter! :-) I'm a big kid! But hey who isn't?? I'm sure we all love a bit of Disney?....I don't want to be counting down and wishing time away but the more I think about it the more I want to be there now. Also we have been lucky enough to get a lovely letter off Disney, giving us a free upgrade to a Deluxe resort :-)....it's all very exciting! so saving my pennies for spending money.

Just wanted to ask have any of you been? and where did you stay? tell me about your experience...or anything you like, I'd love to hear :-)

Thank you reading

Have a lovely evening xxxx

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