Metallic Venus...

My fav polish right now is...

W7's Metallic Venus
(Taken with flash on)

Taken with flash off

You can purchase them here for £1.95

Hope you like?



  1. Hello Sarah! =)
    I bought this polish too and I haven't tried it out yet but def will do soon! =D It looks great on you, such an amazing colour shifting shade =)
    I hope you had a great christmas and new year?
    Enjoy your day =)

  2. Hey Sara!!!
    Wow I was worried about you....are you OK? hope so :)
    Ah fab! you will have to do one of you gorgeous mani's :) I'm sure it will look so pretty on your nails.
    Yeah I had a lovely Christmas and New yrs Thank you...I just can believe how fast time is flying :/ scary. How was yours? hope you have a lovely time :D

    So great to hear from you xxx