I went to London Friday and popped into Mac as you do, never realised the new collection Pret-A-Papier was out, they never had the 'To the beach' collection though :-( as I noticed yesterday they had it online but never mind, I guess it's a good thing as I'd probably have spent more then I should of :-/.

Ok so Ill let you know what I got from Pret-A-Papier collection......
2 nail varnishes, the one to the left is called Originality, I haven't put it on all my nails yet but will do and post a pic! the lady in the shop had it on one of her nails and the color looked gorgeous so went for it and I love it! and the 2nd it called Brown Bag, again a gorgeous color which I'm sure you'll agree. I have on my nails now so ill post a pic.
Lastly I brought a lipstick Archetype, which is a luster. Very sheer and wearable....i like it alot :-)

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